Friday, June 21, 2013

Using the Law of Attraction for Healing

Using the Law of Attraction for Healing

One of the more challenging uses for the Law of Attraction is to promote healing from illness or injury. It's challenging not because it's difficult - the Law of Attraction works equally well no matter what you're trying to manifest. But physical healing can be a challenging manifestation because of these three things:

Awareness of the symptoms.

As you know, in order to attract anything with the Law of Attraction, you need to focus on the outcome you want. But it's hard to focus on wellness when you don't feel good! Instead, your attention keeps going back to the symptoms, the pain, the discomfort that come along with the condition. They keep grabbing your attention, no matter how hard you try to focus on well-being.


When you receive a scary diagnosis, or when you don't understand how your illness or injury came about, it can easily trigger a lot of fearful feelings within you, which prevents you from coming into alignment with wellness. You might be frightened by something your doctors have told you, or you may be worried about an upcoming surgery, or any number of other things that seem to be out of your control.


Another key part of using the Law of Attraction deliberately is affirming a strong belief in the outcome you want. But if you've been told that your illness or problem is "incurable" or "chronic," you might have a hard time believing that you can heal. Or you may believe that healing is possible, but it will take a long time or require a lot of intervention like surgeries, medicine, therapy, or other treatments.

The truth is, there are COUNTLESS stories of people who have used the power of their thoughts to heal their bodies. It happens every day! People who are told that they will never walk again, get up and walk. People who are told that they only have a few weeks or months to live, are still going strong 20 or 30 or 40 years later. 

I personally believe that it's very possible to overcome ANY condition - but you have to correct the three things I just covered: stop focusing on the symptoms, let go of fear, and start believing that you CAN heal.

In my experience, doing those three things will start moving you in the direction of wellness again. It may not be an instant transformation, and you may need to change some things in your lifestyle and mind-set, and you may even need to explore various traditional and alternative treatments that might help you.

But this process doesn't have to be overwhelming. Simply ask for guidance. Tune into your inner self and say, "I very much want to heal and enjoy vibrant well-being, but I'm not sure how to do it. Please lead me to the practitioners, the treatments, the methods, the insights that can help me reach my goal."

Then let go of it and simply imagine feeling great each day. Try to tune into what it FEELS like to be strong, healthy, and happy in every cell of your body. The more you can come into alignment with this outcome, the more easily you will be led to the resources that can help you achieve it. 


"There is not a physical apparatus, no matter what the state of deterioration, that cannot achieve perfect health . . . But that which you BELIEVE has everything to do with what you ALLOW in your experience. If you have been convinced that something is not curable - that it is "fatal" - and then you are told that you have it, usually your belief will be that you will not survive . . . and you will not. But your survival has nothing to do with the disease and everything to do with your thoughts. And so, if you say to yourself: That may be true for others, but it is not so for me, for I am the creator of my experience, and I choose recovery, not death, at this time . . . you CAN recover." - Abraham-Hicks 


Today, make it your mission to tune into the reality of well-being in every area of your life. If you are struggling with physical symptoms, imagine what it would feel like to be completely free of them. If you are struggling with financial challenges, imagine what it would feel like to be absolutely abundant in every way. If you are struggling with feelings of sadness or boredom, imagine what it would feel like to be happy and excited about your life. 

Very often, if you spend just a few minutes tuning into the essence of something you feel is lacking in your life, you start to resonate on that energetic frequency, and you start drawing a little bit of that essence into yourself. Maybe just a little bit to start, but if you keep focusing on it and focusing on it some more . . . before long, conditions in your life start shifting to align with those lighter, happier frequencies. 


I allow well-being to flow to me. Thank you for my well-being.

Until next time,

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