Monday, November 24, 2014

The Passing of Tomas Young

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Tomas YoungIt is with a heavy heart that we share of the passing of Tomas Young, an American hero who would became an prominent anti-war activist. Tomas' moving and important story was featured in the documentary “Body of War,” which was produced and co-directed by Phil Donahue. His voice and message still continues through this powerful film, available on DVD or Netflix streaming.

You may recall the story of Tomas who, inspired by 9-11, joined the Army with the intention of going to Afghanistan. Instead, he found himself being shipped to war in Iraq. Five days after arriving in Iraq, he was severely wounded by a sniper and barely survived though paralyzed from the chest down. After a series of unfortunate medical mistakes, Tomas became a paraplegic unable to care for himself and in constant pain. He also became a valiant and outspoken wounded warrior campaigning against war.
Phil Donahue wrote an article about Tomas and his passing for The Nation magazine.  You can also watch a video interview from Tuesday with Phil on Democracy Now, which includes some moving clips from the film.
We've all been moved by Tomas' life's story and are grateful for his courage to share it and speak out. Our hearts go out to his family.
In Peace,
Bob Baskin
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