Friday, June 24, 2016

World Beyond War


Dear members of the European Parliament, and fellow peace activists: 
David Hartsough is a leading American peace activist associated with World Beyond War, and like myself, seriously worried about US/NATO's provocations toward Russia.  
That is why Mr. Hartsough is taking a delegation of peace activists to Moscow.  We cannot accept the fact that NATO continues to produce chaos everywhere it goes, with no sense of restraint, and no interest in nonviolent solutions. 
Will Europe be the next victim?  Europe already copes with the flood of refugees fleeing the wars US/NATO started in the first place.  
The European Parliament needs to wake up and get on this before WWIII erupts on European soil. 
When I was in Brussels recently, it was clear to me that NATO was on the wrong track.  Militarism is a dead end.  It's time to bring the UN back into the picture by replacing the outdated and failed UN Charter with the Constitution for the Federation of Earth ("Earth Constitution).  It's ready to go. 
In the meantime, the EU must question the motives of the dinosaurs running the Pentagon and the US government along with its unsavory allies like Israel (under Likud rule) and Saudi Arabia.   The business model is war, and too bad if Europe becomes the victim. 
-- Dr. Roger Kotila
   Editor, Earth Federation News & Views    at