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SPHERONS The Global Peace Science

Its constant SPHERONS (harmonious spheral classes),
Composing its deep social structure of harmony,
Including all the population without exceptions are:

In Sociosphere, object and product of which are PEOPLE (P)

In Infosphere, the object and product of which is INFORMATION (I)

3. SPHERON-3 or ORGSPHERON or ORGCLASS (P3) employed
In Orgsphere, object and product of which are ORGANIZATIONS (O)


In Technoecosphere, object and product of which are THINGS (T)

POPULATION, PEOPLE (P) = P1 + P2 + P3 + P4

SPHERONS differ among themselves o­nly by their vital, productive employment in o­ne of four spheres of social production. All other their attributes: property, power, values, education, culture, science, law, religion and the like are special cases, derived from the historical form and the quality of their universal defining attribute of vital employment.


Logic and o­ntology of SPHERONS is simple and indisputable. If we recognize the reality of the four necessary and sufficient spheres of social production, which continually produce four necessary and sufficient for the life of society and every individual PIOT resources, we have to recognize the reality of the four necessary and sufficient SPHERONS employed in the spheres of production as their main productive force. The spheres of production cannot exist and be real without SPHERONS. It's an impeccable truth for all nations and every thinking person.

But it is deeply hidden under a thick cover of the historical fragmentation and endless cultural diversity of quality and gradation of the spheral objects (spheres, spheral resources and SPHERONS), so it became available o­nly after many thousands of years, in the early 21st century, in Tetrasociology and GHA. The infinite variety of the spheral objects, especially SPHERONS not reject them but confirms the deep spheral structure of harmonyof humanity, which cements it, providing it with life, peace and sustainable development.


Humanity and its any society from family and settlement arise with the appearance of four SPHERONS and they die with the death of at least o­ne of SPHERONS. SPHERONS never had been at war and are not able to war by their objective status as the main productive forces of all resources of humanity. Therefore they are natural and eternal actors of global peace.

All other groups and classes of the population is the SPHERONS various parts called PARTONS. o­nly PARTONS are able to war. But all of them are the historically transitory in contrast to the eternal SPHERONS. They are just eternal and natural as the deep spheral structure of social production and its harmony is eternal and natural. The theory of SPHERONS and PARTONS see in GPS Chapter 1. Their statistics is in Ch. 2.

Tetrasociology’s Discovery

The SPHERONS discovery became first possible in Tetrasociology (

Tetrasociology expresses the four-dimensional pluralistic philosophy, o­n the foundation of which it is building a science of social harmony, harmonious civilization and global peace. The SPHERONS discovery is based o­n two fundamental facts of social life.

The first fact is the discovery of the four spheres of society or social production, which belongs to Karl Marx in "German Ideology", 1845.

The second fact is the discovery of vital employment, self-production, autopoiesis, which belongs toHumberto Maturana and Francisco Varela (1973), which was introduced in sociology by Nicholas Luhmannin 1990. They proved, in fact, that vital employment, self-production, autopoiesis in society and human history are universal, in relation to which all other social attributes and functions - property, power, religion and the like are the special cases of it. The combination of these key facts in Tetrasociology led to the discovery of SPHERONS.

All human life, from birth to death – it is autopoiesis, continuous life-time employment in the four spheres of society/production. Autopoiesis of people in four spheres divides the population into four classes of people employed in them - o­n SPHERONS. Therefore, SPHERONS is employed in the production spheres classes of the population, including all people from birth to death. Therefore, they are called SPHERONS - involved in the production spheres. All people without exception are SPHERONS employed in the spheres of production, but in different ways in their infinite forms of quality and gradations.

In different spheres, autopoiesis are made differently. Autopoiesis begins, extends continuously and ends in the social sphere, to which it belongs entirely. The animals genetically limited given them vital instinctive employment and does not extend beyond its borders. The human is endowed with reason. In his/her developed state the human is capable to parallel, simultaneous employment in all spheres of society. The parallel employment in the spheres is discontinuous and variable, it is replaced by each other but it is o­nly part of autopoiesis as a whole. Parallel time - it is conscious or intuitive human labor employment in the four spheres of society and autopoiesis - that's just intuitive, spontaneous vital human employment in these areas. Together, they determine the division of all people, the population into four spheral classes of society - o­n four SPHERONSby the criteria of main employment (on time) in o­ne of the spheres.

The labor employment in all infinite variety of types of professional employment in the respective social structures - this is just a private and surface form of life employment, autopoiesis of SPHERONSIt is a deep, hidden from the eyes but the most fundamental, eternal and universal social structure, unknown to science so far. The deep social structure of SPHERONS is harmonious because it is determined to be necessary, sufficient and coherent (balanced spontaneously) forms autopoiesis, i.e. four spheres of life employment of people. This is a level of deep o­ntology of universal, continuous and everlasting world peace.

On the other hand, any conflict, strife, struggle, war, violence between the types of labor employment o­n any partial grounds of property, wealth, income, and etc. is o­nly a special case of internal social harmony of SPHERONS. This is a level of surface, discontinuous and time o­ntology of war, struggle and violence.

It o­nly shows that o­n an intuitive level, initially, SPHERONS not have the necessary knowledge of its own nature to find harmonious solutions to all their private disputes, antagonisms and conflicts. This knowledge SPHERONS find in the science of social harmony and global peace (GPS) as a result of the long previous historical development. This science discovers SPHERONS and makes them real for the mind, which finds in them the heart of this science and social GENOME (SOCIONOME), constantly reproducing itself in the history of mankind as it exists.
Therefore, the science of social harmony and world peace - it is a revolution of the social sciences and peace thinking that defines an overturn in the o­ntology of war and peace and in their epistemology. Details of the complicated process of SPHERONS discovery and fundamental elements of their social genome (see SOCIONOME diagram below) are unfolded in the first approximation in GPS Chapter 1 and its other chapters, as well as in other books and articles o­n Tetrasociology (see its bibliography here:

Functions and Attributes

1. SPHERONS are the main productive force of society, its driving motor and producing actor, which generates all the necessary and sufficient PIOT resources (People, Information, Organization, Things) for society life, including themselves. SPHERONS perform all the necessary and sufficient functions of production, distribution, exchange and consumption of whole complex of PIOT resources.
2. SPHERONS are creators of the balanced, crisis-free and efficient economy of moderate, harmonious growth and the guarantee of its sustainable development.

Model: SPHERONS Functions

3. SPHERONS are four hearts of society, without each of them it is dead. The blood of SPHERONS is a constant flow of services and PIOT resources that they continuously reproduce every second of their life. Destruction or absence of at least o­ne of SPHERONS exsanguinates society and deprives its life.

4. SPHERONS are the genetic code of society, its social genome – SOCIONOME providing throughout human history reproduction of the deep unchanged structure of harmony of SPHERONS.

SOCIONOME: Social Genome of Global Harmony and Global Peace of SPHERONS.
More details o­n SOCIONOME see [The ABC of Harmony, 38–43 p] and Video:

5. SPHERONS are the cause, the source, the guarantor and the actors of natural and conscious global peace. SPHERONS can exist o­nly in peace from their harmony that they provide in all spheres. The war between them is impossible therefore it leads to their mutual destruction, destruction of social production and destruction of society as a whole. The war between them is excluded by the definition of the law of society life in harmony of SPHERONS. They are able to perform their key productive function o­nly in peace among themselvesBetween them is possible o­nly harmony and peace from it. Therefore SPHERONS never warred and are not able to war with each other. It can o­nly do their historically bounded and deviate from their harmony parts – PARTONS - private classes, separate nations, states and groups.

6. SPHERONS possess the special universal technologies of harmonization: the spheral technologiesof digitizing, statistical information, globalization, pacifization, democratization, institutionalization, monetization, intellectualization, etc.

7. Axiology of SPHERONS. Their key integral value of harmony overcomes historical limitations and deformation of all human values especially such as: culture, peace, love, freedom, equality, fraternity, justice, faith, democracy, honesty, human rights, openness, friendship, family, cooperation, happiness and others. SPHERONS consciously unite them in harmony providing a new spiritual habit and moral level of humanity.

8. Harmony of SPHERONS is a third way of development of mankind, alternative to ineradicable social pathologies/disharmonies immanent to capitalism and socialism. But this way will integrate all of their constructive achievements and it will emerge non-violently in contrast to their violent, revolutionary birth.SPHERONS are actors of the third way. They find scientific harmonious balance of private and state property, the absolutization of economic extremes of which creates ineradicable inner antagonism between capitalism and socialism, their violence, constant wars and injustice. For more details, see: GPS Chapters 1, 5, 6, 7, 8
Philosophy and Epistemology of Peace and War

Heraclitus: "Much learning does not teach understanding" [and peace]



1. Philosophy of SPHERONS or spheral philosophy, in the briefest definition, is the philosophy of harmony of the deepest and fundamental structure of humanity, which ensures its historical life in all its diversity. Therefore spheral philosophy is a philosophy of harmony of the historical diversity of social life, harmony of its opposites, without harmony of which the life of this diversity and their opposites is impossible. Without harmony of SPHERONS the diversity parts start to war and kill each other. Scientific harmony of SPHERONS, which consciously disseminate to all parts (on all PARTONS), eliminates the need for their parts to war and kill o­ne other, providing peace from harmony while it preserves by SPHERONS. SPHERONS philosophy is a philosophy of Global Peace Science and vice versa.

2. The limitation of traditional thinking of parts and details (“much learning”) leads to wars and military science and is unable to lead to the holistic spheral thinking and peace science.

3. SPHERONS epistemology. The path of SPHERONS knowledge as the o­nly actors of social production and global peace is dotted with the countless obstacles and interferences. SPHERONS are the most complex integrated object of social cognition, which required many thousands of years of research approaching to it. In the last step, the last quarter of the 20th century with the discovery of SPHERONS begin two simultaneous epistemological interrelated processes: 1. Extensive system research of SPHERONS within the traditional social sciences and 2. Revolution of social sciences, consciousness and thinking, their cognitive breakthrough associated with the study of SPHERONS in different dimensions: philosophical, sociological, statistical, demographic, economic, political, cultural, technological, etc. These processes were integrated and crowned with Global Peace Science (GPS) published in the same name book o­n the Russian (2015 - link to PDF) and in English (2016 - link to PDF) languages respectively.

SPHERONS epistemology, topped by GPS, is a revolution of traditional peacemaking thinking, cognition and consciousness, which as locomotive pulls a revolution all the social sciences that is well illustrated by the entire content of its book. At the heart of this revolution is a simple epistemology of war and peace, which are summarized today in the three universal and irrefutable comparative facts of cognition and appropriate three fundamental achievements. It is its radical difference from traditional thinking:

A) SPHERONS discovery as the universal actors of the global peace, knowledge which allows us to understand ways to achieve it and exclude all wars.

B) o­nly the spheral thinking is capable to creating an epistemological instrument of peace in the face of GPS and equips them humanity.

C) Traditional thinking is basically militaristic. Spheral thinking is in principle by peacemaking and peacebuilding.

Traditional thinking throughout the thousand years of human history, despite all efforts, it was unable to understand the actors of peace, which overcome the war and ensure global peace: wars were and are an inherent part of human life. New, spheral thinking led to the discovery of universal SPHERONS as the global peace actors, knowledge which allows us to understand ways to achieve it and the exclusion of all wars.

Traditional thinking more than two centuries ago was able to create a military science, which with its unprecedented achievements summed up mankind to the brink of sophisticated military nuclear or otherwise self-destruction. Military science is the most powerful epistemological tool of war. However, traditional thinking was powerless to create the peace science and to equip humanity the most powerful epistemological instrument of peace. Only the spheral thinking was capable to create an epistemological tool of peace in the face of GPS and equip them to humanity.


Traditional knowledge for all the thousands of years has been unable to understand the deep social structure of harmony as the ultimate source of global peace and to create a proper peace science that was born in 2015 not because of but in spite of traditional thinking within the spheral paradigm of thinking. The limitation of traditional thinking and cognition is the root epistemological cause of a military nature of entire past human history, which is complemented by a social cause, disclosed in GPS. Epistemologically this thinking was and remains militaristic. Why? For what reason? And why the spheral thinking, thinking of the SPHERAL objects and concepts provides peacefulness and is a true peacemaking and peacebuilding?

The limitation of traditional thinking/knowledge has long been criticized by philosophers. Probably, else the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus 2.5 thousand years ago was the first who aphoristic defined its main defect: "Much learning does not teach understanding" [and peace], it is devoid of "harmony of opposites" knowledge and "hidden (deep) harmony is better than obvious". Philosophical transcription of this, may be very wise aphorism is as follows: <<knowledge of many particulars and details are not taught to the mind and peace, does not give them, and cannot see through the superficial struggle and war of opposites their deep inner harmony>>. The war, strife, violence, conflict and struggle of opposites lie o­n the surface of society, they are easily and simply fixed by the senses in their infinite particulars and details that fill out our traditional way of thinking. It drowns in them limiting by their. It does not teach us the mind and peace, without penetrating into the harmonious depth of an infinite number of parts and details.

4. Knowledge of many private and incoherent parts does not teach in a whole to mind, goodness, love, harmony and peace. o­nly four spheres of knowledge of nature, society and the individual and their unity in harmony of SPHERONS teaches to mind, goodness, love, harmony and peace in a whole. This knowledge is the revolution of consciousness, thinking and social sciences. This is a harmony revolution, which begins in the mind with the knowledge of SPHERONS harmony spreading through education o­n all spheres of their employment. War and peace begin with the head, with the thinking, as defined in the UN Charter. Traditional partial thinking of small things and details begets war, strife, struggle and violence. Just thinking of the spheral objects and concepts, which is Tetranet harmonious holistic thinking and consciousness creates and provides global peace.

The great thinkers of ancient Egypt, India, Greece, China: Buddha, Pythagoras, Confucius, Empedocles, Laozi, Plato, Aristotle and others have found the depth of thinking in the spheres of cosmos, society and the individual and in secret, hidden from the eyes, harmony of these spheres. Unfortunately, harmony of the spheres and its knowledge / thinking were remained inheritance of a few thinkers because of their epistemological difficulties, social underdevelopment and not demanding.

Global Peace Science is the first ever example of unfolded scientific thinking about a deep harmony of social structure of SPHERONS as the spheral classes of the population, determining natural peaceful nature of human and society. These classes, mastering with deep knowledge and thinking of harmony for the social spheres, are able to consciously build a global peace in human society. o­nly such thinking teaches a human with true mind and peace. o­nly such thinking we need to teach since childhood and in all schools. o­nly teaching such thinking may be the ultimate goal and constant subject for global education. Only this philosophy and corresponding thinking, knowledge and education can ensure global peace, which is not available for traditional way of thinking. o­nly spheral epistemology of war and peace is able to unite the nations in the harmonious coexistence as a single family o­n the Earth.

     5. Spheral epistemology as a way of SPHERONS’ knowledge was launched in Tetrasociology and GHA. This way will be long and difficult but filled with the new stunning social and humanitarian discoveries that will radically change the spirituality of humanity in the future centuries and millennia.
Read moreThe GPS Chapters 1, 6, 7.

100% Democracy and Peace Geopolitics

Montesquieu. Fundamental Law of democracy: "The firmness and prosperity of democracy always depend from the correct division o­n the classes of the population with the right to vote".


The liberal or traditional or industrial, or western, or "full" democracy always ignored this "fundamental law of Republic" by Montesquieu. Therefore, all its historical and national forms always are suffering with four innate defects: militarism, corruption, inequality, and nationalism as limitation of priority of private interests of the ruling 1% richest and unchangeable national elite concentrating control over all public resources of PIOT.These defects transform democracy in "counter democracy" or "anti-democracy" in a varying degree.

Militarism. Liberal democracy is responsible almost for all wars of the 20th and 21st centuries and almost for all the bloody tyrants of this time. NATO’s military Summit in Warsaw o­n July 9, 2016 maximized the risk of nuclear war to peak level of the Nazi plan Barbarossa, 1941, which (war) is now prepared by liberal democracy at 100% to start at any moment today or tomorrow. These countless facts characterize western democracy as militaristic, which is not able and not willing to seek peaceful solutions preferring military, violent solutions with a large number of people's victims. Therefore militaristic democracy, violates the right to life of millions of the people’s masses, in fact, is anti-democratic, does not correspond to the concept of democracy and does not serve the interests of the people.

Corruption. Full democracy is overfilled with corruption freedom confirmed by the millions of facts and is insurmountable by any measures up to the death penalty. It also expresses its anti-democratic character, its incurable internal pathology and its focus is not o­n the interests of the people and o­n private corruption interests.

Inequality. Traditional democracy stimulated, from the late 19th century, an intensive growth of social inequality, especially property, income and power, concentrating them in the hands of the richest 1% of the national irremovable ruling elite. This is also confirmed by numerous facts and expresses anti- democratism of the liberal "full" democracy.

NationalismLiberal democracy is limited "the service to national interests", which declared it as a priority, "above all else." But for the priority of "national interests", it conceals and carefully masks the priority interests of the richest 1% ruling and irremovable elite. Similar nationalism of liberal democracy was justified, to some extent, in its early days in the era of industrial fragmentation. In the era of information and economic globalization, national interests are realized o­nly through global interests, processes and technologies. Therefore, each nation is responsible for them as for their own interests. But liberal democracy is devoid of any global foundation and a linking platform of the interests of different poles. Therefore, its narrow nationalism is constant generating soil of different conflicts and wars: commercial, competitive, inter-ethnic, inter-religious, inter-regional, hybrid, technologic and the like up to the hot suicidal nuclear war, which has now prepared by liberal democracy at 100% in order to start it at any minute of today or tomorrow.

Therefore the research literature about liberal, "full" democracy is overfull by its anti-democratic estimates and definitions: "plutocracy, oligarchy, totalitarian democracy, democracy for the few, democratic despotism, fascist democracy, democracy of billionaires, brainwashing, zombie, manipulation democracy," and etc. (See: GPS, Chapters 8, 9 and 13).

Democracy of SPHERONS or Spheral 100% democracy is alternative to liberal democracy in fact truncated up to 1% democracy. It preserves all the partial achievements of liberal democracy but differs from it by the following fundamental features, advantages and preferences.

The first feature of the spheral democracy (SD) is implementation of the Montesquieu's "fundamental law of Republicinconstitutional division of the population of any community from the smallest village to mankind o­n four SPHERONS o­n the main (in time) criterion of employment in o­ne of four spheres of social production.When the population (people) is not divisible by any classes, as in liberal democracy, its quality is worse and it is extended reproducing all its social pathologies: militarism, corruption, inequality, and nationalism. Therefore, liberal democracies, even the most "full", is devoid of any structured and constitutionally actors (classes of population) of democracy, implying o­nly o­ne actor – the adults or the people that open an unlimited field for falsification, manipulation and restriction of democracy and make it "a very bad form of government" according to Churchill. Therefore they are deprived of the fundamental foundation that provides thefirmness and prosperity of democracy - "the correct division on the classes of the population" by Montesquieu. And o­nly o­n this feature the Spheral democracy is much better than liberal.

The SD second feature is completeness, coverage of 100% of the population, including underage children (from birth to 18 years as the UN established), which make up in different societies from 20 to 50% of the population but which have never been presented in the traditional militaristic democracy, therefore, they more than other groups are suffering from wars. SPHERONS cover the entire population, including children, the interests of which are priorities for any society. Therefore democracy of SPHERONS is a truly complete and full democracy, with priority for children and women as the natural peaceful population groups of every society. The representing interests of children in it is implementing by their parents, above all, mothers but also and fathers who are endowed with the right to vote o­n each of minor child through the Children’s Suffrage mechanism (CSM: See: GPS, Chapter 8.5.). Women and mothers with children constituting the majority of the population of any society will provide in SD a women priority in the management as well as the priority of the children interests instead of war o­nes excluding it from the life of society. The mechanism of representation of the children interests in SD bodies is discovered in the conception and project of the "Law of Children's Suffrage Executed by Parents" [see:]. The women's equality in the society’s governance is provided by the constitutional guarantee of the provision of at least 50% of the seats in all bodies.

The SD third feature is the equal distribution of power in all its branches and bodies between the elected representatives of the four equally necessary (regardless of size) SPHERONS. To this the four-dimensional political and party system corresponds in different variants. Real harmony and balance of SPHERONS will be reflected in a harmonious structure of power with its equal distribution in all branches of governance, which assumes the equal constitutionally reserved seats for the elected representatives of each SPHERONS at every level of power and in each of its branches. This mechanism requires a special study, design and practical testing. It eliminates and prevents any armed conflict between any groups in society, as well as between the authorities and the population. Spheral democracy, for the first time in history, provides political, authoritative equality of people by the criterion of SPHERONSi.e. o­n employment criterion in the spheres of production as the most important quality of all people. Such institutional division of power o­n four equally strong part provides SD with unshakable mechanism of its internal checks, balances and guards against all typical defects of traditional democracy: militarism, inequality, nationalism, corruption, abuse of power, lack of control, impunity for crimes, oligarchic and/or tyrannical, totalitarian tendencies and so o­n. It also provides the possibility of full participation in it of all citizens, which is unheard for a dying liberal democracy.

The SD fourth feature is internally built structural mechanism of harmonious/soft opposition of four SPHERONS acting o­n the principle: “one common goal of universal harmony but different ways of its achieving and development at each of the four SPHERONS.” (We remember, this goal provides global peace from harmony). This mechanism provides anti-totalitarian, anti-monopoly and anti-militarist (and then - anti-corruption) immunity of spheral democracy, about which cannot even dream of any o­ne form of liberal democracy.

The SD fifth feature is adoption of the most important decisions by a majority vote of representatives ofeach SPHERONS that, in fact, is spheral consensus in decision-making mechanism, which provides peace at all levels. The solution of all the issues by a spheral majority - it is important procedural advantage of SD.

The SD sixth feature is a permanent mutual control of each of the spheral body of authority and each of its officers by the Joint Commission at least two SPHERONS that virtually reduce to zero the possibility of corruption in governance. The inner-balanced four-dimensional structure of SD ensuring complete transparency of each of its spheral parts and branches for each and for all, together with unlimited control over their actions, especially the distribution and spending of budget funding - all this will eliminate a total corruption of power systems in all previous types of democracy. Spheral democracy replaces criminal, militaristic and disharmonious ruling elites of previous democracies in a harmonious, peaceful and transparent democratic elites of SPHERONS.

The SD seventh feature is full transparency of governance, all governmental actions in all spheres and sectors. SD cancels all forms of secrecy, - commercial, banking, industrial, information, etc., which makes liberal society actually closed and antidemocratic. o­nly spheral democracy ensures full openness, transparency of society and all of its institutions. Liberal democracy has never been able to provide it. When the process of general and complete disarmament will be complete, then the institution of state secrets will be canceled. Under the cover of a thick veil almost universal and impenetrable mysteries the traditional democracy committed all of the financial and commercial crimes, all militaristic and political conspiracies, all the pyramids of corruption, plunging the population into the ocean of total ignorance, lies and deceit, in which it is unable to make the right decision and in which it is it becomes an easy toy of zombie and manipulating by the power elites.

8. Valuable unity of power and the people in harmony.

SPHERONS create the 100% democracy instead of 1% liberal democracy. It provides global peace and peace geopolitics.

The SD eighth valuable feature cementing unity of the power and the people is harmony essentially dispositional for all other features. This valuable unity becomes a common goal and a unifying force for all political parties, all authorities and all groups of the population as the conscious parts of SPHERONS. Therefore, it excludes permanently hostile or alienated the political interests of various private elites, overcomes disharmony of liberal democracy, which is constantly degraded and eventually dies under the weight of integral issues that it cannot solve. Therefore, o­nly spheral democracy can be a model, actor and guarantor of global peace in contrast to the militaristic liberal democracy, which is an example and actor of wars. Spheral democracy is to maximize the social and individual harmony, rather than maximizing profits and wars as an industrial democracy. o­n the other hand, in the end, the above listed negative, vicious qualities of traditional democracy transform it into an instrument not of national but anti-people governance, not a peaceful but militaristic control. They express total internal decay of liberal democracy mechanism and require its replacement with mechanism of harmonious spheral of democracy as true democracy, free from its vices.

The listed eight distinctive features of the spheral democracy leads to the conclusion that o­nlySPHERONS’ democracy can ensure global peace at all levels, its geopolitics of peace and planetary order of peacefulness. No previous forms of democracy, as demonstrated by the history thousands of years, have been unable to ensure the peace prosperity of all the peoples and humanity as a whole. SPHERONS’democracy is 100% democracy instead of 1% liberal democracy.
Read more: GPS, Chapters 8, 10, 13.

Spheral democracy summary:
The population is divided into 4 SPHERONS by the main (at time) employment in o­ne of the 4 spheres. SPHERONS are vary in size but are equal in objective social status of equally necessary and sufficient actors of any society and in division of the democratic power.

Conventional example for equal division of powers in the sphere of democracy:

1. Legislative power. Parliament, with 500 seats, by 125 deputies from each SPHERON
2. Presidential power. Administration, 100 employees, by 25 of each SPHERON
3. Executive power. Government, 32 ministers, by 8 from each SPHERON
4. Judicial power. Constitutional Court, 24 judges, by 6 from each SPHERON

SPHERONS colors: 1 - green, 2 – blue, 3 – red, 4 - black or brown - the color of the soil, which is foundation for material production of SPHERON-4.

Copernican Overturn, Breakthrough and Revolution of Consciousness

SPHERONS, deep social structure of harmony is the Copernican revolution of consciousness, its philosophy and humanities. This is the paradigm shift from the violent, militaristic model of thinking to the harmonious and peaceful pattern of social understanding.

Copernicus’ (1473 - 1543) revolution almost five centuries ago proved that the center of the planetary system is not the Earth and the Sun, despite the sensual fact that we see constantly the opposite - the Sun movement o­n sky around the Earth.

Revolution of SPHERONS as the actors of social harmony proved by their discovery that the center of society (humanity, social system as a whole) is harmony but not straggle/war of various social groups, nations and classes, although in public life surface we see constantly a lot of cases war and violent struggle among them.

As to the Copernicus discovery mankind passed for thousands of years recognizing the Earth the center of planetary system, and up to SPHERONS discovery it passed thousands of years in confidence that the strife/war constitute the center of social system and source of its life especially in the Marxist theory of class struggle.SPHERONS’ truth was more deeply hidden than the Copernicus truth so it demanded to its searching at the time five centuries more than search of the heliocentric system truth. Naturally, knowledge of SPHERONS’ truth does not stop at their discovery but o­nly begins with it.

As after Copernicus’ discovery, Kepler’s, Galileo’s, Bruno’s and Newton’s efforts were necessary to finish his revolution so and after the SPHERONS’ discovery the works of social Kepler, Galileo, Bruno and Newton will be require to complete the spheral revolution of human consciousness. They will fix the spheres of harmony and harmony of SPHERONS in sociology, mathematics, statistics, demography, geopolitics, economics and in the whole complex of social sciences lifting them from the fragmented to holistic level.

Only the scientific way of deep social harmony of SPHERONS justifies meaning about 60 million victims of the WWII, including 27 million victims of Russia, who fought and died for "THAT WAR WAS NO MORE!" o­nly the path of deep social harmony of SPHERONS excludes all wars without exception. But when mankind will stand o­n it? Would not it be too late?

The way of SPHERONS’ knowledge launched in Tetrasociology and GHA will be long and difficult but filled with the new stunning social and humanitarian discoveries that will radically change the spirituality of humanity in the future centuries and millennia. o­nly then will reveal all the might and inexhaustibility of the SPHERONS discovery. SPHERONS is a new endless cosmos of humanity’s social system and the main source of its inexhaustible sustainable development in the future history in all four spheres. Harmony of SPHERONS instead of predatory exploitation of nature and humah will be the main mode of production of all the vital resources of mankind and prosperity in peace all its nations as o­ne family. Read more: and GPS Chapters 1, 2, 6, 7.


VII. US and Russia Cooperation


The US and Russia cooperation in the development of Global Peace Science (GPS) is the best geopolitics and global security strategy at today extreme risk of nuclear war a suicide for all. In it, as known, will not be the winners will be o­nly countless innocent victims. If both Russia and the US Governments aware this scientific fact and are responsible for its prevention, the best way out of this nuclear impasse is the joint development of GPS as a common long-term road map to "nuclear zero" and world peace.

Global Harmony Association (GHA) and the GPS 174 coauthors from 34 countries CALL the US and Russia Governments, possessing 95% of the world nuclear weapons, to create in Sochi a joint International Institute for Global Peace Science development and for establishment of a joint annual Global Peace Summit under aegis of the UN.

The Russia and US cooperation in a cultural and most morally worthy field of innovative GPS will better dialectics of war and peace in the modern era with a peaceful end, with neutralization of the nuclear war risk, with survival and sustainable development of mankind. From its reality and the acutest human necessity cannot refuse any sane and responsible government today. Is the US/NATO able with their thousands of military bases around the entire Earth and the most powerful military potential and nuclear arsenal to the peaceful cooperation in development of Global Peace Science? 70 years, they have proved their aggressive military cooperation that put the world at threat. Can they work together in a peaceful direction, within the science and culture of peace? Our offer to cooperate in the GPS development as a key resource for global peace will be for the US/NATO sociological test by their ability of peacemaking in the 21st century in a multipolar global community of humanity.
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Spheral Classes: SPHERONS:
Social Harmony Actors
Briefest definitions

Four necessary and sufficient spheres of social production define the population's four natural harmonious spheral classes: spheral classes (SPHERONS) of the population.

They are the universal actors of social harmony at all times, in all societies and at all levels: global, regional, national and local.

Until receiving scientific self-consciousness, the spheral classes remain by spontaneous actors of harmony. When they receive scientific consciousness, they become conscious actors of social harmony. Then, o­n their own and essentially distinct from all others, they create their own global harmonious civilization of mankind o­n Earth.

This civilization and the spheral classes, as its conscious actors, find, the first in history, a scientific expression in the GHA program book “Harmonious Civilization”.