Saturday, August 27, 2016

Making America Great Again

Making America Great Again

Charles Mercieca, Ph.D.
International Association of Educators for World Peace
Dedicated to United Nations Goals of Peace Education,
Environmental Protection, Human Rights and Disarmament
Professor Emeritus, Alabama A&M University

When the time arrives for national elections in the United States, most of the candidates campaign o­n the slogan: making America great again. However, not o­ne political figure brings into the open the real source of the nation’s great problem. Many of those running for an office tend to defend the way things have been going.

US Constitution Needs Revision

            Up to now, the United States Constitution was never revised, far less updated, since it was composed some 300 years ago when things were entirely different from those of our times. There is o­ne thing for sure, if the US Constitution had to be written today, such a document the way have it, would never have been produced. We may pick up some example for purpose of crystal clarity.

            When the US Constitution was drafted, there were no cars, busses, telephones, and airplanes. Hence, when people travelled out of town, they had to assume the responsibility of being their own policemen, their very own protectors from any abuse they may encounter. Hence, it seemed very appropriate to jot down in this US document the phrase, “the right to bear arms.”

Today we have fast communication through a variety of transportations, including trains and airplanes. Besides, every segment of the nation is well taken care of and anyone could get in touch with enforcement officers quite fast. The idea of having a gun for self-protection evolved into having a gun for business purposes.

Needless to say, several of those who are determined to get what they want through violent means, do not encounter any difficulty in securing not o­nly guns but also all kinds of devastating arms. When some good member of Congress shows that times have changed and that this “right” to bear arms need to be dealt with, those with special interest in weapons as business try to raise a pandemonium.

Violence Breeds Violence

One of the leading agencies in this regard is the NRA – National Rifle Association, which tries to create fear among people in general. Since the United States is perhaps the o­nly nation in the world that advocates the “right” for all people to bear arms, it explains why every year there are more people in the USA that are killed by the gun than any other nation, including China and Russia.

We all know that violence breeds violence and more violence breeds more violence. The NRA slogan - National Rifle Association -may be stated as follows: Guns do not kill, o­nly people kill. I think this slogan needs to be perfected in the following way: Guns do not kill, but guns in the hands of people kill. In this regardpeople have no business in carrying guns, far less military ammunitions.

            At present, the United States seems to be going through open discussions. The real aim of this type of communication is to hopefully respect the feelings of those who disagree with you. This approach eventually leads to nowhere unless steps are taken to eliminate guns and lethal weapons from the hands of people from every walk of life. This may take us a long time to have this problem settled.

            Theoretically, all the American nation needs is to get rid of guns and all sorts of lethal ammunitions. This would be feasible if we were to have a strong government. The real problem lies here. Many of those in the government have been financed by big industries, including the weapons industry, which views the manufacture and sales of guns and weapons as their real and primary source of good income.

Once they get the money they want, they literally care less about the lives and welfare of the people even if they were to be massacred innocently in tens of thousands. From studies made over the past decades, the best solution to this abusive gun problem lies in getting straight to its source. The US Constitution is literally outdated and it needs to be fully revised and re-written.

Importance of National Security

As stated by many writers, the “right to bear arms” needs to be abolished. If we were in an auditorium of 3,000 people watching a performance, would all of us be safer if no o­ne would be carrying a gun or if each o­ne of us would be carrying a loaded gun? This is merely common sense. However, as some philosophers stated in the past, “common sense is very uncommon and it is rare to find.”

During the process of human development, we need to develop a deep sense of adaptability. Things that are felt to be required at a certain stage of life, may not be needed at another segment of our life process. o­ne of the leading mistakes we notice in those who are especially in a position of influence may be termed as “abuse of power” which is essentially criminal.

It is criminal because it is, at the same time, very deceitful. In theory it tries to demonstrate a list of possible benefits. But in practice it always evolves in creating surmountable problems, thus making each o­ne of us less and less safe. The United States is perhaps the o­nly nation in the world that allows to have all people carry guns and deadly ammunitions under the aspect of “freedom.”

At the same time, the United States has more people dying of guns and violence every year than any other country o­n earth, including China with six times of the population in size. It is now fully obvious that those in power who want to see all people having guns and weapons without limit are those who view these deadly elements as a good means of making more and more money.