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Roger Kotila Reflects Upon the "World Beyond War" Strategy

16 January 2014       
Earth Federation News & Views
Editor Roger Kotila Reflects Upon the "World Beyond War" Strategy
The missing link to a permanent end to war is the world federalist solution.  The Earth Federation Movement, with its Earth Constitution,  offers a way to unite "we, the people" worldwide, and provides a brilliant democratic design to establish good government at the global level.

[Editor Kotila writes:] What seems to be missing in the "World Beyond War" plan ( is the world federalist solution.  That was Einstein's conclusion to end war, and that is why I believe the Constitution for the Federation of Earth (aka "Earth Constitution") needs our serious consideration. 

We must change the geopolitical system or the weapons of mass destruction will never be eliminated, wars will continue, poverty will remain a disgrace on the human race, and rights will be violated by whatever group of predators and sociopaths run this country, or that country, or this corporation, or that corporation.  The environment will continue to be endangered.  The United Nations has not been up to the task. 

The problem goes beyond economic change

Predatory, monopoly capitalism is part of the problem, but its elimination would not bring peace.  Socialist nations, each with independent sovereignty, would soon be at each other's throats, fighting for oil, or water, or you name it.  

We need a balance of economic socialism/and regulated capitalism.  The mixture of democratic socialism/capitalism seems positive to me, so long as the game of Monopoly is never allowed. 

Money is like water, everybody needs it.  Deprived of water in the garden of life, you and your family are flowers that wilt away in the unforgiving grip of poverty. 

No one should be above the Law
Universal human rights, although not perfect, are pretty good as a universal standard: Women's rights, children's rights, etc.  World crimes such as false flag operations, war crimes, torture, and crimes against humanity often go unpunished by those responsible.
But there must be a means to enforce violations of international and world law so that individuals in power who violate rights are held personally accountable (and suffer consequences such as going to jail).  
If we had a well-designed geopolitical system like the Earth Constitution, world criminals (I could give you a long list of dictators, president's, covert operatives, generals, tycoons, bankers, and others) would be arrested, given legal due process, and if convicted, placed in prison for their world crimes.  The key is individual accountability.  No one should be above the Law. 
Good government at the global level is possible 
Apprehension about the need for a democratic world federal union government is understandable, but I believe that the Earth Constitution provides the answers.  
The Constitution's democratic design rules out the danger of a world dictatorship.  There is a unique world judiciary system that allows "we, the people" a means to challenge and eliminate crooks in government and in the private sector.  
"FEDERAL" is very important as it means that the world government limits itself to those global problems (such as war, nukes, poverty, climate change) that can only be handled at the global level.  

Local problems remain solved at the local level.  Good government will mean new freedoms for local governments as resources become available that are now wasted on the military and black box operations.   

Abolishing war will take more than warnings, networking, and protests
The "World Beyond War" strategy of worldwide protests via networking is helpful, but not strong, or smart, enough.  As described to date, it is a consciousness-raising campaign that argues against war on moral, spiritual, and economic grounds.  It warns us of potential global catastrophe.
But to succeed we must simultaneously address the fatal flaws in the geopolitical system that have allowed and supported militarization and created what is essentially a global war system where basically "might makes right."  
The United Nations as a global governing system has been stymied by its Charter.  It cannot do the job.
The ideal in the UN Charter of (unlimited) national sovereignty (for those who reject a world federation) plays right into the hands of the multinational corporations/Big Money/Big Military who so often are the shot-callers at both the national and global levels.  
Separate nations make it much easier to dominate, much like the mistaken notion that "local control" can solve world problems.  They can't, and they won't.

"Local control" is a good thing and has its place, but could never deal with the power of Big Money, Big Military, Big Police, and Big Secret Operations.  These challenges require new thinking -- a new strategic paradigm, and that's why the Earth Federation Movement with its Earth Constitution is on the right track.  

The Earth Constitution deserves serious study.  Its significance is not unlike the Magna Carta or the U.S. Constitution except now the federalist and democratic principles are to be applied to all nations and peoples.
When Texas and California have a conflict, they don't go to war, they go to Court or they go to Congress.  That's democratic federalism, and the Earth Constitution's wisdom and power is the nonviolent, good government structure needed if we are to succeed to permanently abolish war. 
World federalists speak of enforceable world law as a nonviolent means to control harmful and dangerous behaviors by leaders of nations or other groups.  
The public does not know there is a solution to the problem of war
We must let the public know that there is a rational and practical solution waiting to be acknowledged and applied.  We do not have to suffer endless wars, nor do we have to live with the constant background fear of nuclear annihilation.   We know what to do.  We can end this nightmare.  
There is a better way.   That's why I like to say "I stand with Einstein." (Read "Einstein on Peace")

-- Roger Kotila, Ph.D.
    Editor, Earth Federation News & Views  at