Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Appointment of the International Vice President for Statistics cum National Chancellor of Pakistan

IAEWP is pleased to announce the appointment of the the Most Distinguished Professor Emeritus Dr. Noor Muhammad Larik as the IAEWP  International Vice President for Statistics at the Executive Office of the President as well as the National Chancellor of Pakistan.

Dr. Noor. M. Larik is a trained Statistician by profession. He obtained his Postgraduate Diploma from the Victoria University of Manchester (UK) in mathematical statistics, Master of Science in applied statistics from the University of Southampton (UK) and PhD in the burgeoning area of econometrics, also from the University of Southampton (UK).

The field of econometrics, it may be stated, still assumes a respectable position amongst the statisticians and economists throughout the world. 

Dr. Larik carries with him both teaching and "on the job‟ experience in his field of specialization. Prior to joining COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), Dr. Larik worked as Associate Professor, University of Sindh; Associate Professor Al-Fatah University, Tripoli Libya; Chief Statistician, Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST) and Director General, Federal Bureau of Statistics as head of the organization, Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan.

Dr. Larik has attended many national/international conferences and has presented many papers. Dr. Larik also conducted important workshops and seminars, both during his long service with the Government of Pakistan, universities and during his association with CIIT. 

The credit of organizing diploma and certificates for the government officials while CIIT was still in its embryonic stages goes to Dr. Larik..He also taught and continues to teach the advance concepts of Statistics and Mathematics to the CIIT graduates and PhD students. He has also published popular research papers such as “Statistical literacy and its status in Pakistan” and “Impact of Internet on Individuals and society”. 

Together with his colleague, he has recently published a useful research titled “Forecasting Admissions in CIIT. Through this piece of work, the higher echelons of CIIT can assess the admission load in every semester and accordingly create necessary infra structure facilities. He also submitted a paper titled “Fast growth of migrants urbanization in Islamabad has created many problems for the community” which was accepted and presented in his absence in the “World Congress International Conference” of ISI held in Brazil.

In future, Dr. Larik along with his colleagues has a program to establish Department of Statistics, Statistical Research and Analysis, Training and Consultancy Centre, which has already been approved by the Rector CIIT and develop indicator for wellbeing and happiness of the society.

Dr Larik has resigned from Comsats Institute of Information Technology from 30th of June 2016 as an Advisor Department of Mathematics (CIIT)

We welcome Dr. Larik to spearhead IAEWP agenda of Global Goodness in the beautiful nation of Pakistan and globally.

Thank you for the opportunity to put this information on record on behalf of the President and the Executive Office of the President.

Steve Varatharajan
The Deputy Secretary General