Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Appointment of the National Chancellor of Brazil

IAEWP is pleased to announce the appointment of the the Most Distinguished Donizete Xavier da Silva as the IAEWP National Chancellor of  Brazil ( 2017-2020 ) .

He has been with IAEWP for over a decade and his experiences were :-

  1. Acting with projects of environmental sustainability and social inclusion, generation of clean and renewable energy.
  2. From 2005 to 2014 Manager of Civil Organization of Public Interest, with main objective in social projects in the area of education, health STD prevention, development, professional training and digital inclusion.
  3. From 2000 to 2008, member and collaborator of the Health and Safety Commission of the International Airport of Sao Paulo - Guarulhos, with actions for health, prevention of accidents at work and social inclusion.

His mission for IAEWP Brazil is driven by the purposes below:

  • To lead a greater number of people; One of the basic principles of humanity, respect and love of neighbor, without any kind of prejudice, whether by race, religion or nationality.
  •  I believe that one of the greatest challenges of humanity in this century is Peace among peoples.
  • Let us unite with one voice all the continents, countries and nations.
  • One of the tools is the IAEWP, creating synergies with other entities, governments, companies, all over the world, taking words and actions that only with Peace, Education, Hope and Love to the Near, we will have a better world, for us and future generations.

Thank you for the opportunity to put this information on record on behalf of the President and the Executive Office of the President.

Steve Varatharajan
The Deputy Secretary General