Thursday, January 5, 2017

Announcing the Appointment of The National Chancellor of Kenya

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IAEWP is pleased to announce the appointment of  Mr Benard Ouma Wakoli as the IAEWP National Chancellor of Kenya, Africa.

Benard Wakoli is the Director of Nairobi Peace Institute as well as the Chairman, Yaya Education Trust, Kenya.

Benard Ouma Wakoli has relevant and extensive knowledge and experience in Project Management, leadership, public policy, governance, programme development and resource mobilization, capacity building and workshop facilitation, partnership development, peace dialogue and mediation facilitation,advocacy and campaigns, with a history of success in national and regional public policy advocacy and influencing. 

Holder of advanced Master of Science degree in Globalization and Economic Development from the University of Antwerp, Belgium, he professes a multidisciplinary academic background and a range of professional and management skills. 

His career experience largely based in Kenya and Africa, spans several years of community peace-building, governance and leadership,and policy research and analysis. He can demonstrate ability to manage organizational resources,both human and material, to achieve organizational goals. He is experienced in national, sub-regional and international levels, working with donors, private sector, state and civil society, and boasts the ability to interact at the highest levels of decision-making, and across cultures.

Thank you for the opportunity to put this information on record on behalf of the President and the Executive Office of the President.

Steve Varatharajan
The Deputy Secretary General