Monday, January 23, 2017

Appointment of the National Chancellor of Cameroon

Mr. Albert Samah

The Executive Office of the  IAEWP President is pleased to announce the appointment of  the new National Chancellor of Cameroon for the period of 2017-2020

Albert Samah,  holds a  Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations, a Post Graduate Diploma in Law and Political Science, a Master’s of Arts in International Relations, an M.Phil in International Relations. He has served as  a peace and conflict tutor at  Siantou University, the Prostestant  University of Central Africa and is presently a Senior Instructor at the University of Buea. 

Albert Samah is a consultant at African Union, the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre,  Accra, Ghana and  the international School for Security, Yaounde, Cameroon. 

He has served as the Executor Director of the Campus for Peace and Dialogue, the Centre for Public Interest Law and is presently  the Executor Director of the Strategic Centre for Peace and Leadership. In 2016, Albert Samah introduced an iconic  Professional (Executive Masters) in Conflict, Peace and Security at the University of Buea, one of Cameroon’s state owned  Anglo Saxon Universities. Albert Samah has published  both  non-fiction and fictional works on a wide range of issues including, rule of law, governance, peace and conflict, Pan Africanism and many other contemporary and burning issues. 

Summary of Experience : 

Self motivated, purpose driven and goal oriented  peace and conflict expert  with  over eight  years experience in delivering  training  for Civilians (students), Senior Police,  Gendamerie and Military officers  on  conflict, peacekeeping,  homeland security at  the  tactical and   operational levels.  

Significant experience in designing  pre-deployment programmes for multidimensional peacekeeping,  providing professional and refresher courses for senior security officers and early warning security  briefs  to policy makers  at  national, sub-regional  and continental levels. 

Substantive policy understanding of governance  issues in general with particular  focus  and practical experiences  providing electoral assistance at national  and continental level. High level political and international relationships garnered from encounters with high profiled political figures across Africa. 

We thank you for the opportunity to place this information on record in good faith and without prejudice on behalf of the Office of the IAEWP President.

Steve Varatharajan
Deputy Secretary General IAEWP
NGO-ECOSOC, United Nations