Wednesday, February 15, 2017


The office of the  IAEWP President is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor YAO Chaocheng as the National Chancellor of People's Republic of China for the term 2017-2020.

Professor YAO Chaocheng

China has a remarkable history of culture, civilization and evolution of human advancement in the arts & sciences for centuries. We welcome Professor YAO to the global family of IAEWP National Chancellors to move the  peace agenda of IAEWP  to greater heights in the region. He has been involved in high level conferences in Asian Economic and Peace Communities

We are please to introduce Professor YAO here :-

YAO Chaocheng, Professor in Economics
Shaanxi University of International Business & Trade

Education Background

1986-89, MBA in City Univeristy,London,UK
2002-06, Ph.D in Economic, Salisbury University, USA

Academic Research Field: Regionalization Studies

Papers and Books:

(1) The Peace Proposal to Resolve the Diaoyu islands Dispute in Asian Currency (ACU) Unification Process, Scientific Information, July, 2016
(2) Studies on XI Jinping’s Philosophical Thinking of the “One Belt, One Road”Initiative,Journal of Shanxi Party’s School, Feb. 2016
(3) Studies on Sino-Indian Relation in Asia Regionalization,Delhi University Journal,Oct. 2015
(4) Cultural Belt Linking the Xi-Xian New Zone and Asian Regionalization,Special Zone Economics,July 2015
(5) The Principle of 'Subsidiarity' and Asian Unification ,WUN Publisher, UK,June 29, 2013
(6) China’s Role in the Asian Economic Integration Process,RIS Publisher, India,Jan. 2012
(7) EU Established, When AU Comes up? Harvard Business School Journal, US,Oct. 2004

Social Academic Positions:

(1) Board Member of Shanxi Translation Professional Association
(2)Secretary in General, The World Olympic for Cultures, International Scholars Council, Beijing

Conferences Participating:

(1) Since 2005,acting as Secretary-General (China Side) for the Asian Economic Community High-Level Conference organized jointly with the RIS,India

(2) 2007, as the Secretary-General, organizing the Across-Strait High-Level Peace Conference on Chinese Traditional Culture in the People Hall, in Beijing

Shaanxi University of International Business & Trade
35 West Tongyi Rd
City of Xianyang 712 046
Shaanxi, China

We would like to thank Ms. Lana Yang, IAEWP Permanent Representative to the United Nations for inviting Professor YAO to be part of the rejuvenated IAEWP of the new millennium. 

We thank you for the opportunity to put this information on record in good faith and without prejudice.

Steve Varatharajan
Deputy Secretary General
IAEWP ( NGO ECOSOC - United Nations )