Wednesday, February 15, 2017

International day of March 8th for the basic rights of the woman

For a revision of the philosophical thought, traditional, official, too long misogynist!

Admittedly, we celebrate the Saint Valentine and I will make a specific contribution for the international day of March 8th for the basic rights of the woman.

However, those and those, which seek in the history of philosophy the speech of the thinkers on the women are amazed by their misogyny.

Already, SOCRATE defined philosophy as an obstetrician. Thus, vis-a-vis this reality which is the pregnancy of the women, the man, does he answer by a childbirth of the direction?

ARISTOTE, condemned the excessive freedom of the women Spartans. PLATON, it, were measured much more: They must be able to reach same the responsibilities; however, in the Republic, it describes them always a little less although the people of male sex.

In other times and places, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, indicated that the woman is of an insatiable sensuality and NIETZSCHE for its part, estimates that it is the most dangerous toy. SCHOPENHAUER, is even more explicit when it specifies that the women are “the sexus Sequior” i.e., the sex second in all connections, made to be held with the variation and the second plan.

In number 2232 of the weekly magazine Nouvel Observateur, the philosopher Francoise COLIN recalls that KANT, the unmarried philosopher rise against the sexual appropriation of the women by the men, but he believes to see in the marriage the guarantee of the voluntarily agreed sexual intercourse.

Thus, the philosophers question the irrefutable fact without calling in question the structure even of the relationship between the two sexes.

For MARX, the sexism will be solved by the going beyond and the disappearance of capitalism; we will see front in this text, which it was in the said socialism developed in Eastern Europe.

Some argue, that the male domination finds its source because the child is born from the body of a woman and that thus, the man makes a point of reaffirming his authority.

FREUD mentioned: “After 30 years last to have studied female psychology, I still did not find the answer to the great question: what do they want with the Juste? “

Anna ARENDT, asserted nowadays per many writers and researchers in their quotations, proclaimed political economist more than philosopher.

Then, can one say that the professional philosopher is during laic of the theologist?

And if he is the savage guard of the truth, about which truth is it?

For DERRIDA (famous philosopher): the woman is synonymous with thought détotalisante vis-a-vis the claim of the phallic one. However, such an assertion mobilizes the such more fight of the women. Already, and I deplore it, the reading of the philosophers interests hardly than some committed researchers or militants. Especially, the assertion of the value of feminism does not solve the persistent hierarchy in favor of the male known as dominating.

If celebrates it formula of Simone de Beauvoir is right: “One is not born woman, one becomes it” and its undeniable contribution, as Francoise COLIN indicates it, in the quoted article, it however remained in logic assimilatrice rather than subversive. The women must become men like the others.

In our Western companies, like mentioned it the philosopher Michel Onfray, in the same number of Nouvel Observateur, “the weight of Christianity weighs heavy on the shoulders of the women “philosophy, official, expresses you it (because many thinkers until the XX è century were Christian = addition of GC), lent strong hand to the control of this sublime half of humanity by inviting them to give up their femininity, to devote itself exclusively to the household and maternity. ”

It is true, that equipped with our Western categories of thought, undoubtedly, we must more seek what it was in other civilizations and traditions.

The buddhist monk Japanese Nichiren DAISHONIN, granted to the XIII è century more the great respect with the nuns and the laic women. Well before, Buddha SHAKYAMUNI, innovated by admitting at the time of the last years of its teaching with will sutra lotus, that the women could also reach the awakening; what was impossible for preceding traditional texts. Also, did the studies of matriarchal companies in certain Amazonian tribes, of Africa, among the population Meghalaya in India, the population Mosuo (sub-group of the Naxi people), located in full Chinese territory, they finish informing us about some practical?

Also even if the female condition in many countries or Islam is the dominant religion remains subjected to the ancestral traditions of the operation of these companies, nevertheless Mahomet while being opposed to the tradition of the murder of the little girls to their birth was emancipatory of its time for humanity.

Despite everything, we can seek in our European history of the types of little developed situations.

For example, I learned, that in the feudal times, the girls were major at 12 years: two years before the boys.

The XVI è century with the Rebirth was characterized by a double movement:

  - A repression of the female condition translated by the civil and religious laws.
   - Simultaneously, a intellectual emancipation (in the fields of the letters and arts) and in the speech that certain historians describe “as feminist”, consciously worked out by these women.

An author: Gilles MENAGE, in his history “of the philosophical women” published in 1690, speaks to us about these unknown women who made profession think by themselves of traditional antiquity until the Middle Ages. One even learns there that in France for example, the first treaty on education was written by a woman.

Well later, of Louise MICHEL in Rosa LUXEMBOURG, of George Sand with COLETTE, Simone de Beauvoir and Gisele HALIMI, many women were in charge of the combat for the respect of their identity, of their freedom, for their creativity and non reduced potentialities with the marriage and maternity.

However at present, in spite of the acts, treaties, constitutions, laws, decrees. ….The respect of the professional equality and the role of the women in the company: public life, economic, social,…. Is not recognized there levelling in real acts.

If the weight of Christianity, could contribute to the non-observance of the equality, that cannot be enough like explanation. Initially, it is necessary to make the distinction between the character of Jesus and Christianity. Indeed, Christianity became universal religion with the wire of the centuries, even official religion of State historically in certain historical situations. However, like Albert NOLAN in a work published in the Seventies with the Working Editions wrote, it seems to me: “Jesus before Christianity”, all the dogma and especially the tradition of the Church does not come from Jesus. The writings of the apostles, the councils, the remarks of the fathers of the Church are quite posterior for him. There is nothing MACHO, it seems to me, in its matter: “That that which did not fish, throws the first stone to him”!

At present, in good of our countries, the religious practice with the traditional direction decreased. The number of believers declared in certain countries is in fall, taking into account the weight growing of the applications of the science which nourishes atheism and agnosticism, but also, taking into account development of new spiritualities out of traditional Églises as well as the assertion of the laic values. On the other hand in Africa, in South America, and even in certain areas Chinese or of the Viêt - Nam, etc. Christianity under its various representations remains long-lived.

Despite everything, discriminations persist. Christianity did nothing but accompany, to perpetuate a historical mode of male domination. Lastly, it is other cultures and traditions where the Christianity is not dominating, which also know discriminatory social practices or not levelling with regard to the women. If it is true that economic conditions: poverty, lack of elimination of illiteracy, ..... do not support the female emancipation, the explanation remains insufficient, because discriminations exist including in the countries known as developed, even if they are sometimes exacerbated in particular as regards civic rights.

Of MARX to BEAUVOIR, the theory, according to which socialism carried out would remove the exploitation of the women by the men, made failure. The ex-USSR, was a company dominated by the men in charge of the party, even if a Soviet cosmonaut were the first woman in space.

If Buddhism which preaches the interior revolution on a philosophical level, appears being to me an important means of the respect of the female identity, from the handing-over in question which it can impose if necessary; like Michel Onfray, I think that it is the study of manners (Ethology) which must give us a key of comprehension of the processes to be carried out.
In a country like France, at the time of the war of 1914-18, the women took the place of the men (which were in the trenches) in most occupations. But after the war, the male domination took again the top.

Perhaps, this is with the end of the philosophy of trade when “to philosophize “is constitutive of the manner of apprehending human reality, such as it is with its 2 components of sex: masculine and female; by a teaching of philosophy adapted as of more the young age; by the educational and social functions; that humanity will be freed from the erroneous diagram of the second lower sex.

The woman, is one of the two components of humanity in acts, thoughts, and contributions to the company. I for my part proposed that it is created in each country an economic table, in the national accounting, evaluating their contribution to the company. I also proposed to replace the name known as generic of “Human rights” in the acts, treaties, constitutions, which perpetuates in fact the idea of a male priority, by name “rights of the person”, more respectful from the start of the reality of the two sexes.

Equality! That owes the being in rights and duties, but this does not constitute a physiological and psychological balancing at all female specificities by report a model which would be male. To be different, that at all does not deteriorate each reality and their complementarity. Moreover, the man is nothing without his future and future: “The woman. ”
Personally, I think that the merit of Simone de Beauvoir was that of the idea of emancipatory combat. Indeed, the respect of the female identity, depends less on goodwill men than of that of their own development and construction which, at a given time, will cause a qualitative jump of recognition, admitted by all humanity.
But, it is necessary for it during a time, political volunteers to accelerate the revolution of the spirits, to hustle the consciences and thus to accelerate the direction of the human history with its two sexes.
The known as policies must relate to all the spheres of the company. One needs for it the impulse without slackening of the great institutions, which must set the example in operation and the responsibilities given to the more high level to women. I think of UNO, UNESCO, the Council of Europe, the INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF WORK, etc and of course by the governments. Their will in acts is to be instituted more than speeches of clear conscience.

Yes, it is necessary to finish some with what the philosopher Michel Onfray calls the dominant thought which infuses the education of the young girls who consequently, become numerous to endorse the dominating diagram.

It is advisable to cease indexing the destiny of the women on their so-called nature where for thousand years, he has been celebrated the Virgin Mary who is comparable and reduced in the popular consciences with the role of wife and mother.
With the Ethology, morals and ethics have authority to exceed the concept of nature.
As mentioned it Michel Onfray, in this quoted number of Nouvel Observateur, the ethological equality is that which makes it possible to the women to be wives and mothers if they wish it, but also to be other thing: “Women for example”.

This comprehensive view, includes all their dimension emotional certainly, but also intellectual, spiritual, social, yes:  component of humanity by the diversity of the tasks of our time.

Peace and the harmony on our planet are indissociable of this evolution in favor of the respect of the identity of the role and the condition of “woman”, like nodal point impossible to circumvent of progress of humanity.

© Guy CREQUIE, 2017

French poet and writer