Thursday, March 23, 2017

20th IAEWP World Peace Conference - Preliminary Notice

This preliminary notice is issued to announce the 20th IAEWP World Peace Congress is currently being conceived, designed and developed by Professor Yao, the IAEWP  National Chancellor of China.

Convention dates : June 5 - 8 , 2017
Venue :  Qingcheng Mountain/ Dujiangyan (sites C&D), near Chengdu, China
Theme :  "Sustainable Health and Environment
In celebration of : IAEWP's 50th Anniversary
Distinguished Guest of Honour : Dr. Charles Mercieca, President of IAEWP

You may contact Prof Yao for the latest updates through his email :

A final confirmation with registration details would be sent in due course. You may explore other nearby UNESCO sites afterwards.  

QingCheng Mountain (Green City Mountain) by Dujiangyan, among 9 Sichuan UNESCO World Heritage Sites at Chengdu area :