Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Celebration of Dr. Adolf P. Shvedchikov Poetry on Peace Consciousness

Dr.Adolf Pavlovich Shvedchikov
In 2013 he was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature.


I am Sequoia, five thousand years old,
Wise tree in whole world,
I stored in my memory every track of life on this planet.
I live million eight hundred twenty-five thousand days
With joy of sunrise and sadness of sunset...
But year after year it is more and more difficult
To feel the pain of growing violence.
I am like an old faded monument of the past.
I wonder, will really the sad experiments
Of mankind be repeated again?
All religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam,
Promise paradise and love…
Why, then, blood is shed,
Why the Dove of peace will not come to us?
I mourn the countless victims of war,
The suns will never come back to their mothers…
My thoughts are filled with anxiety about people,
My tears are bitter and bitter.
I am the oldest tree, all the same age as the pyramids,
As antique Sphinx, I am suffering Goya,
Why then, mankind, your mind is asleep,
What is the destiny of Sequoia: to live longer or to die?


Oh, my life,
You are arranged so strange.
Bam! From ear to ear
My head tears up!
And the mind does not give in,
Who's there with someone sues,
On fields shed blood again,
Then everything will be forgotten...
Maybe it is true,
Only the blood is our,
So, brother, do not be a sucker,
When large bowl will be overflowed…


Good and Evil, Darkness struggles with Light,
These categories combat for a long time,
Perhaps we used to live ourselves, not knowing grief,
Were not we got it at the same time.
Everything is so arranged, in winter or summer,
We are all involved in this battle,
Sometimes darkness covers us, then struck
Mad evil, and we cannot see the light.
Wherever you look, the explosion after new explosion,
So the future generations will be involved
Once again to countless battles?


God gave us piece of eternity like a priceless gift.
We may use it as we like.
We may soar among white clouds
If you have enough forces to fly up into the sky.
God gave us piece of eternity like a priceless gift.
Transform this gift for a benefit of everyday life.
Save the diamond of your soul to illuminate your path.
God gave us piece of eternity like a priceless gift.
Deliberately use this gift
For the good words and useful deeds,
And the thankful off springs will remember you!


How harmonious might be our world
Full of spiritual pastoral songs
If we didn’t do wrong or go wrong,
How harmonious might be our world!
How glamorous might be our day
Full of happiness, filled with sunbeams
If we didn’t kill our fabulous dreams,
How glamorous might be our day!
How valuable might be our past
Full of gems and precious stones
If we were not at war, if we didn’t hear moans,
How valuable might be our past!


While our hearts pulsate,
While cannons are silent,
While people still plow,
While song resounds in the fields,
While dew sparkles in the morning,
While sunsets are still glowing,
While trumpets of war have no sound,
While summer sunbeams please us,
While fields are not filled with blood,
While death is far from us,
While our souls are at peace,
Let our hearts pulsate!


My nightly thoughts bring whimsical delight
When I by stellar shawl do enfold,
Keeping in hands this spacious hectic world
I sit in the shadow of scattered candlelight.
Honestly speaking I don’t like glaring daylight,
And I don’t like glorious landscape.
I am glad to find miraculous escape
When arrives an impenetrable midnight.
I like mysterious, slowly moving moon,
I like an opalescent cold moon beam,
When I am at mercy of sweet dream
Stir the black coffee by a silver spoon.
My gentle Muse believes still in my might,
Sometimes she is teasing me, after a while
We are looking at each other with a smile…
I like this sable magic lonely night!


I drive the horses of my imagination
Across the barren yearning field,
I cover myself with protective shield
And I have faith in my dream’s incarnation.
My path is far away from an iron world.
I am a singer of morning dew,
I am a painter of rainbow’s hew,
I hate emphatically the cruel underworld.
I am a romanticist, and to be correct,
I like the turquoise sky and rising sun.
Among of millions I’m perhaps only one
Who has this unforgivable defect.
But I pace stubbornly throughout the day and night,
I sing continually my spiritual song,
Maybe someone tells that I’m wrong,
In my opinion, I’m nevertheless right!


There is some difference between Pegasus and horse.
Pegasus, the winged steed, likes to fly.
The horse eats in the stable an oat and rye.
Pegasus neighs gaily, and horse’s neigh is hoarse.
Pegasus is rapturous, sensitive and keen,
He likes the bright metaphors, allegory!
As to the horse, there is another story.
She knows very well what terrible whip means!
Pegasus’s pompous mane is coiled,
He is so famous, he is too proud
To think about a chattering crowd…
Life for the horse is an endless toil!
Sometimes we try to be Pegasus, of course,
To soar on the wings of glory in the sky,
But very soon we find we cannot fly,
We are, alas, only the working horse…


My beloved earth, I am your loving son,
I bend my head before you,
I am sleeping in your tender embraces,
I do not feel that I am alone.
My hair is grey but I still feel your motherly hands
Which protect me when comes hard time.
I breathe your spring’s scent,
I am pleased by your hot summer,
I like to walk under your rainy, autumn sky,
I don’t fear your chilly, wintery winds.
Oh, my beloved land!
You are a permanent source of my delight,
You give me new strengths,
Your harmony is more important
Than all prestigious awards!

                            Adolf Shvedchikov

Vice President, GHA-Russia,
Scientist, Chemical Physics, PhD and LittD
Poet and Translator,
A Member of Many International Literary Associations,
Author of 16 books of poetry and poetic translations, including Shakespeare.



Adolf Pavlovich Shvedchikov
Russian scientist, poet and translator

Born May 11, 1937 in  Shakhty, Russia. In 1960 he graduated from Moscow State University, Department of Chemistry. Ph.D. in Chemistry in 1967. Senior researcher at the Institute of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. Since 1997 - the chief chemist of the company Pulsatron Technology Corporation, Los Angeles, California, USA. Doctor of Literature World Academy of Arts and Letters.

        He published more than 150 scientific papers and about 600 of his poems indifferent International Magazines of poetry in Russia, USA, Brazil, India, China, Korea, Japan, Italy, Malta, Spain, France, Greece, England and Australia. He published also 16 books of poetry. His poems have been translated into Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, and Hindi languages.

He is the Member of International Society of Poets, World Congress of Poets, International Association of Writers and Artists, A. L. I. A. S. (Associazione Letteraria Italo-Australiana Scrittori, Melbourne, Australia). Adolf P. Shvedchikov is known also for his translation of English poetry ("150 English  Sonnets of XVI-XIX Centuries". Moscow. 1992. "William Shakespeare. Sonnets." Moscow. 1996) as well as translation of many modern poets of Brazil, India, Italy, Greece, USA, England, China and Japan.