Monday, April 10, 2017

Introducing the IAEWP National Chancellor of Australia

The Office of Deputy Secretary General is pleased to announce the appointment of charismatic personality and  World Peace Advocate Jessiee Kaur Singh as the Most Distinguished National Chancellor of Australia for the session 2017-2020.

World Peace Advocate and Peace Ambassador – Jessiee Kaur Singh

I am a Sikh, a world peace and rights educator, advocate and practitioner. I am also a humanitarian and married to Dya Singh, a world-music musician. We have three daughters, who all perform with Dya Singh World Music Group bringing the message of peace to the world through their music. I am the proud grandmother of a 10-year old boy and a 12-year old girl.


President: Women InterFaith Network Foundation,

President: Centre of Melbourne Multi-faith and Others Network (COMMON) COMMON was established in May 2006 to work with youth and communities to link local Multi-faith groups at the grassroots levels, to work with UNESCO Clubs Australia and worldwide universities and other educational institutions, government bodies, and NGOs.

Executive Director: MultiFaith Affairs of United Sikhs

MultFaith Representative: Sikh Council Australia


Over the last 15 years I have attended and assisted to coordinate many national and international conferences on Inter-faith, World Peace, World Aid, International Education and Health. Below please find a small selection:

URI SEAPac Regional Assembly, yearly

Coordinated and moderated multifaith forum ‘Identity’ Conflict, Construction, Connection on 5th Nov.2006 at Royal Indian Palace, Richmond Hill, New York.

Transforming the Legacies of Conflict, War and Genocide through Dialogue :- Voices for Freedom conference on Oct. 28th 2006 at Lincon Center Campus of Fordham University, New York.

Women in Religion in the 21st Century in New York 17th Oct-19th 2006, a conference commemorating, celebrating and continuing women’s legacy where I shared my personnel experiences making a difference in the world.

Attended a UN Religious NGOs meeting at the UN Church Centre 18th Oct. pm, 2006 . National Council of Women of Australia, Melbourne, October, 2006

Religions for Peace - 8th World Assembly, Kyoto, Japan, 25th-29th August 2006. Assisted with Conflict Transformation Workshops in Women’s Assembly and Main Assembly. Held meetings with Sikh communities in Kobe and Tokyo and involved them in conference proceedings.

The Global Peace Initiative of Women, Dharma Drum Mountain, Taiwan, August 2006. Compassionate Mind – Compassionate World – Transforming Suffering through Compassionate Action,. Networking & round table discussions with women and youth leaders from around the world.

Ancient Traditions and The World Congress of Ethnic Religions joint conference, Jaipur, India, February 2006. Sharing the opening prayer, networking and speaking on ‘Freedom of Religion’.

Inaugural Inter-faith Conference, Lahore, Pakistan, March, 2006. Gave opening Sikh Prayer and presented paper on ‘The Importance of Multi-faith Activities in the World’.

The International Conference of Sikh Leaders, Patiala, Punjab, India, March 2006.

The World Congress of Ethnic Religions, Belgium, 2005. Presented paper on ‘The Role of Women in Religion and Peace’. Gave the opening prayer including singing the Multi-Chants (prayers from various religions)
UNESCO Clubs Australia Community leaders training program emotional, intelligence and leadership program in Swinburne University 11-13 Nov, 2005 and 26th may 2006. Received certificate from Swinburn Unversity.

Religion in Peace and Conflict: Responding to Militancy and Fundamentalism, April 2005, Melbourne. Shared in group discussions.

‘Cultivating Wisdom, Harvesting Peace’ International Symposium, August, 2005 Multi-Faith Centre, Griffith University. Panel Speaker: ‘The Importance of Multi-faith especially in University Chaplaincies’.

Global Institute of Security, Conference on Disarmament, United Nations Building, New York, July 2005.

World Conference of Religion and Peace, UNESCO, Paris, July 2005. Meetings with leaders from different religions; Networking among Sikh Gurudwaras.

Audience with His Holiness Pope Benedict; Meetings with Arch-bishop Fitzgerald, Inter-faith Affairs, The Vatican on poverty and religious acceptance, 2005.

The World Congress of Ethnic Religions, Athens, 2004. Did reflections on conference and its future direction.

The World Sikh Conference, Sydney coodinated by Sikh Council, Australia. Gave opening prayer and talk on message of Guru Nanak and World Multifaith Movement. Held in Sdyney in September, 2004.

UN Good Governance, Seoul, Korea, 2004. Presented paper: ‘Culture and Pathway to Peace, Sikh Perspective’.

The National Tertiary Conference Adelaide, 2004. Gave paper on ‘The Importance of Multi-faith Religious Centres in all Universities’.

Parliament of Religions event Barcelona, 2004. Mediator between international Sikhs and local Sikhs; Assisted with coordination of local Youth Volunteers contributing to the ‘Langar’ (free meals to all participants). Nominated for The Paul Carus award for outstanding contributions to the inter-religious movement.

Education for Shared Values for Intercultural and Interfaith Understanding, November/December, Adelaide, 2004. On organising committee. Opening event of the conference: Co-ordinated and conducted the Multi-Faith Service with Rev. Dean of St. Peter’s Cathedral.

The Uniting Church Ministers Conference, Adelaide 2004. Presented paper on ‘Sikhism – Multi-faith and World Peace’. Mental Health Conference, Coordinator, Flinders University, 2004, Adelaide

Mental Health Conference, Coordinator, St. Lucius College, 2003, Adelaide
World Museum of Religions, Inaugural Conference on ‘Sacred Items in Museums’, Taipei 2003.

The Global Peace Initiative of Women, United Nations, Geneva, 2002. Presented paper on ‘The Role of Women from the Sikh Perspective’.

United Religious Initiative of San Francisco ‘Meeting of Religious Leaders of Asia-Pacific Region’, Bali, 2002. United Religious Initiative of San Francisco ‘Assembly of World Religious Leaders’, Rio de Janeiro, 2001.
UN Millennium Peace Summit of World Religious Leaders, New York, 2000

In Nov., 2000 had meetings at the Peking University, Beijing and Nanjing University, Nanjing encouraging China to have Department of World Religions which developed soon after. Met with Religious and Academic Leaders in Shanhai, Beijing and Nanjing.

International Seminar: International Public Service and a Culture of Peace, International Federation for World Peace, London, October 2000. Guest Speaker: ‘Unconditional Service and Love’.

Seventh World Conference of Religion and Peace in Jordan hosted by King Abdullah, 21-24th November 1999. Delivered message from the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs the Hon. Alexander Downer, MP and the Premier of South Australia the Hon. John Olsen.

Works  with Youth

‘The 300th Celebration of the Sikh Kalsa’, Anandpursahib, Punjab, India 1999. Assisted with the running of Youth Camp of Akaal Purukh Ki Fauj.

Parliament of Religions event in Cape Town, 1999. Gave workshop on ‘Spiritual Development and Peace’. Delivered messages from the Premier of South Australia the Hon. John Olsen and the Hon. Alexander Downer, MP, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Australia.

Guest speaker in Schools in India and Pakistan, February, March 2006. Ongoing over the last 20 years Nationally around Australia.

Attended many international and national youth conferences and camps giving empowering presentations and lectures, including in Trinidad, Rotorua, NZ, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Geneva, South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius, China, Japan, USA, UK, Rome, Germany, France, Brazil, Pakistan, Belgium, Jordon, Eygpt, Dubai, Isreal and Kuwait.

Has been a regular speaker at many schools in South Australia on Sikhism and Multi-faith, 1993 - 2004. Done many radio and TV interviews around the world.

Works with Indigenous and Other Communities

Assisted with coordination of sending 50 reconditioned computers to Solomon Islands. Programs carried out in conjunction with UNESCO Clubs Australia and Federation of World Peace, Australia, February 2006.

Assisted with the Global Sikh and United Sikh tsunami relief operations for Aceh, Sri Lanka and Andaman Islands, 2005. Fundraising for Tsunami Relief, Victoria, 2005.

Visited and networked with community leaders from all faiths in Kenya, Tanzania and Mauritius. Discussed plans for aid to replenish soil, construction of water wells, and training programs for all sections of communities sponsored by UNESCO Clubs Australia, August, 2005.

International Indigenous Unity Run, Canada, Dakota USA. Attended with ten Australian Aboriginal Women as Equal Rights Advocate taking part in many sacred ceremonies. Honoured in Dakota Indigenous University for giving empowerment workshop and seminar, 1995.

Studied Pitjantjatjara Language at Underdale University, South Australia, 1993

Executive Board Member of the Multicultural Art-workers Committee, South Australia, 1990 – 1992.

Has been in a supporting role to Australian Aboriginal communities in South Australia, Arnhem Land, Darwin and Melbourne.

Assisted Pakistan Australia Association, Australian Sri Lankan Association, Fijian Association, Malaysian Association, Indian Australian Association, African Communities of SA, Chinese Association of SA and Sikh Society of South Australia at the early stages in organising many social and community events in early 1980s.

Volunteered and assisted many people over the years during their sickness and bereavement.

Contributions to the Arts

Host, Coordinator and Artistic Director for the following events:

•Coordinated charity concert for tsunami victims with the Sikh community, Sydney, February 2005.
•“Gratitude” Charity Concert, ‘Multi-faith Unity in Diversity’ hosted by Lord Mayor of Adelaide Mr Alfred Huang at the Adelaide Town 16th October 2004
•Dya Singh World Music Concerts, 1991 - 1994
•Earthquake Concert at the Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide in Aid of Indian earthquake disaster victims Dec. 11. 1993, raising $60.000 with the help of ABC National Radio and Community Aid Abroad;
•Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, March, 1992;
•Anup Jaloto, March, 1991;
•Jagit & Chitra, November, 1988;

•‘Café Musica” events at the “Fringe” 1985-1988 in South Australia;

Co-manager and Publicist of Dya Singh World Music Group, 1991 – 1993.

Background (Former positions)

Chair of Global Council Trustees for South East Asia & Pacific Region of United Religions Initiative &

President: GreenFaith Australia,
Played a major role in bidding and bringing Parliament of Religions event in 2009 to Melbourne, Australia. Travelled to Chicago

with the team to promote Melbourne’s bid.

  • Co-founder of Federation of UNESCO Clubs Australia, 2006 .
  • Coordinator of UNESCO Clubs Victoria, 2006 .
  • Steering Committee Member of World Education Forum, 2006 .
  • International Ambassador World Aid, 2005 .
  • National Coordinator for Multi-Faith Council, 2005 -.
  • Nominated for Australian of the Year, 2003 and 2004.
  • Awarded the Centenary Medal of Australia for Multi-faith Advancement in Australia 2003.
  • Nominated for National Award, 2002 - Woman of the Year in Non-traditional Areas of Work and Study. Treasurer of Multi-Faith Association of South Australia, 2003 – 2005.
  • Member of World Education Foundation 2004.
  • Multi-faith and Sikh University Chaplain 2004, Flinders University, Adelaide

President of Multi-Faith Association of South Australia, 1999 – 2003.

•Coordinated annual Multi-Faith week in South Australia
•Organised many forums on issues of equal opportunity, culture of peace, and religious acceptance. •Organised Multi-faith services, 2000 - 2003
•Organised Multi-faith concerts, 2000 - 2003

Member of UNESCO APNIEVE education and values team in Adelaide 2003. Secretary, Multi-Faith Association of South Australia, 1988 – 1992. Vice-President, Multi-Faith Association of South Australia, 1994 – 1999. Co-Founder of the Sikh Society of South Australia, 1982.

Member of national Tertiary Campus Ministry Association, TCMA.

Professional Qualifications

Post Graduate Diploma in Social Science (Counselling) University of South Australia, 1993.

Grief Management Sister, Repatriation Hospital, Adelaide. 1988-1992

Charge Sister and Acting Director of Nursing of the Senior Citizens Nursing Home, Bellevue Heights, Adelaide, 

1981 Manager of BIS, Bureau of Industry and Services: Pioneered project of recruiting British Nurses in Germany, 

1979. Acting Director of Nursing, Park View Private Hospital, Ealing, UK, 

1978. Psychiatric Nurse RPN, St. Bernard Hospital, Middlesex, UK, 

1976. Registered Nurse, General RN; Lister Hospital, Hertfordshire, UK, 

1974. Nurse of the Year 1973, Hertfordshire, UK.

Nominated ‘Nurse of the Year’ by Anglia Television, UK 

1973. Presented to Queen Mother at Opening of Lister Hospital, 1972.

Clerical Officer, Police Department, High Street, Kuala Lumpur, 1966 – 1970

Primary and Secondary Education in Methodist Girls School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, completed 1965. 

Languages Spoken Punjabi, Malay, Hindi and English.
Language Interpreter Malay and Punjabi with TIS and CentreLink Services from 1985 and ongoing.

The  IAEWP President and Executive Office of the President are encouraged with the high caliber achievement of Madam Jessiee Kaur Singh and look forward to her services to support the IAEWP agenda in Australia.