Saturday, June 30, 2018

Appointment of IAEWP DEPUTY National Chancellor of Burkina Faso

We would like to take this opportunity and introduce Madam SALAMATA OUEDRAOGO /SAWADOGO as the IAEWP  DEPUTY National Chancellor of Burkina Faso 

Here is an elaborate CV for your collaboration with her in Burkina Faso

Strong leadership and management skills

As a Country Director for International Relief and Development (IRD) I have built a strong team to achieve the goal of strengthening resilience for communities to counter violent extremism in Burkina Faso with 33 staff members including field offices staff and consortium members’ employees. We have influenced positively the peaceful elections process in Burkina in 2015 in collaboration with our partner radios, SCOs, and CAC members in our core zones ad were elected as first personality of the year by the newspaper “le Soleil” in January 2016. Our vocational trainings strategy has registered concrete results in youth empowerment.

Education, Gender  human rights, and advocacy specialist

As an African committed Educationalist, I had opportunity to carry out many advocacy campaigns to achieve Education for all goals, gender equality and best life conditions for more vulnerable people. 

In addition, as a former Social and Economic Justice program Manager at the Swedish NGO Diakonia, I have worked a lot to change unfair structures that generate poverty injustice and violence in collaboration with partner CSOs. 

Expertise in good governance

As the former executive Secretary of the RDB (Réseau Decentralisation Burkina) I worked closely with the main governance organisations and institutions, including the Ministry of Territorial Administration, and Decentralization. I’ve been in charge of supporting CSOs for public policies monitoring, at Diakonia, with many achievable goals, such as the implementation of the citizen policy review and the community based organisations monitoring of local agencies effectiveness.

Knowledge of International Organisations 

I have worked for many international Organisations such as Plan International, German NGO Help, Swedish NGO Diakonia, and the American NGO IRD. I have attended to many important international meetings and workshops as well.


Actual Position: Country Director at International Relief and Development (IRD) implementation of the Peace through Development Project (Since December 2014)

Major responsibilities: 
  • Responsible for the design and the implementation of the Work plan of the peace Through Development Program, phase II (Pdev II), to build resilience for communities against violence extremism.
  • Successful collaboration with national authorities in peace promotion domain;
  • Participation to national TV and radio talk shows on peace in Burkina
  • Support to religious leaders in order to deliver peace messages;
  • Elaboration of peace promotion handbook for religious leaders;
  •  Peace weekend promotion in partnership with WANEP in order to promote peaceful elections;
  • Special delegation and municipality councils training in Elections process and conflicts prevention;
  • Promotion of moderated voices through the media program, the interfaith dialogues, the religious leaders sub regional workshop, etc.
  • Capacity building for Civil society organizations by training session, experience sharing, best practices awards, etc;
  • Support to local governance agencies through the promotion of accountability, transparency and citizen participation;
  • Facilitation of the peer review and auto evaluation process within the municipalities with an internal tool (Local Government Capacity Index )
  • Youth empowerment through access to education and leadership activities;
  • Youth leadership promotion with the Participatory Theater for conflict transformation (PTCT) approach;
  • Establishing and supporting local committees in charge of conflict management and mediation at municipalities level;
  • Coordinating the activities of the other implementing partners of the consortium under IRD leadership for the achievement of the project goal;
  • Grants development for submission to USAID regional Office on social cohesion promotion;
  • Elaboration of a handbook for CSOs on Elections monitoring;
  • Collaboration with Technical and financial partners, namely USAID and the Embassy of USA in Burkina;
  • Building a strong team work to achieve the program goal in the planned agenda;
  • Lead the team to the achievement of the strategic objective of the project;
  • Qualitative and timely quarterly and annual reports drafting;
  • Coordinating the implementation of the 04 strategic objectives of the program to build sustainable peace in Burkina Faso;
  • Experience sharing with the other implementing countries of the PDEV II Project;
  • Employees supervising, performance appraisal evaluation;
  • Capitalization session for final restitution of the projects results and lessons learnt with stakeholders.
  • Social and Economic Justice Program Manager at Diakonia a Swedish NGO: From (September 2010 to December 2014: 4 years and 4 months)
  • Major responsibilities: 
  • Capacity building for organizations and institutions in Burkina Faso in Right Based Approach, Gender approach, and good governance;
  • Training of partner organizations members to lead advocacy for more social and economic justice: Gender, Education, food security, Health, HIV, Literacy, rights-based approach, Governance, and Sustainable Development with an emphasis on participation of girls and women.
  • Non formal school promotion for vulnerable girls, especially the domestic girls;
  • Advocacy for women access to land;
  • Gender mainstreaming in all projects and programs;
  • Maintaining a good collaboration with the state institutions: Ministry of Education and Literacy, Ministry of Gender and Women promotion, Ministry of Justice and human rights promotion, 
  • Good governance promotion through the monitoring of public policies by Community based organizations;
  • Implementing of humanitarian projects;
  • Drafting contingency plan and security Plan for Diakonia Burkina Faso Office.
  • Attending humanitarian clusters meeting: Education, food security and Nutrition
  • Follow up of the accountability framework that made Diakonia member of HAP;

Chief of party for humanitarian Aid to the Floods victims at HELP a German NGO (From March 2009 to September 2010: 1 year and 7 months)

Major responsibilities: 
  • Coordination of project activities: Rapid need assessment, Identification of vulnerable persons and households, support for basic needs and their social and economic rehabilitation through the implementation of Income Generating Activities for vulnerable women affected by the flood;
  •  Management of the project’s team; 
  • Development of the intervention strategy of the project and monitoring tools of project activities;
  • Contributing to the elaboration of the national contingency plan;

Executive Secretary of RDB: Réseau Decentralisation Burkina: Making Decentralization works (from April 2008 to February: 2009 11 months)

Major responsibilities: 
  • Supporting Burkina Faso Government agencies to succeed the decentralization process by coordination and capitalizing the network members’ activities;
  • Implementing activities to improve women participation in local governance
  • Holding Panels, seminars, workshops, and video-conferences for experiences sharing with stakeholders at national and international level: Main topics: publics services and citizenship, national new law on the rural land tenure, General Code for territorial communities, intercommunity, Women access to land, etc
  • Partnership development with other organizations and government partners
  • Collaboration with the other national Networks in 3 other countries, Niger, Mali, Senegal).
  • Facilitator of video conferences on local governance for the FAGLAF network (Forum Africain pour la Gouvernance Locale en Afrique Francophone)

Program Coordinator at Plan Burkina (March 2003 to April 2008: 5 years and 2 months)

Major Responsibilities: 
  • Learning policies development: Girls education initiatives and strategies development: Girls Friendly schools, stipends for girls;
  • Contributing to the access to good quality education;
  • Classrooms construction and equipment;
  • School supplies dotation;
  • Sensitization and awareness raising on education;
  • Learning policies development;
  • International campaign for Education organization;
  • Partners capacity building for teachers, education regional and provincial districts, parents and teachers’ associations (PTAs);
  • Technical support and management of field coordinators (05persons) in the regional offices;
  • NGOs and Government partners (2 ministries: primary and secondary education), Institutional development support; 
  • Country Program Outline drafting, implementation, monitoring ant evaluation;
  • Timely reports elaboration;
  • Needed studies or evaluation identification and implementation.;
  • Participate to all local and regional conferences and workshop related to child education
  • Promoting Rights of the Child courses at school and at community level.
  • Implementation of educational innovations: Girls Friendly schools, stipends for girls;
Education advisor, Ministry of Basic Education/Girls’ education section: (November 2001 to March 2003: 1 year and 5 months)

  • Development of project of sensitization, and social mobilization for girl education
  • Management of information and communication system   
  • Communicating with all partners in education (UNICEF, UNESCO, BAD) 
  • Prepare timely written reports 
  • Teacher and school Director (1988-1998: 10 years)
  • Management of the school environment with all community and governmental partners.


  • 1999-2001: National High School of Administration (ENAM) Ouagadougou: Master’s degree Certification in High School of Administration (equivalence: BAC+5)
  • 1998-2002: University of Ouagadougou, Bachelor degree in Sociology;
  • 2008-2009 : Gender and development studies, IAPM (Institut Africain de professionalization en management) 
  • 2013- 2014: University Of Ouagadougou, Preparation of a Master in Conflict management; (on going: Master I completed)

  • Training of trainers on conflict management for peace keepers, August 2016, Lomé, Togo;
  • USAID Countering Violent Extremism Summit in Accra, September 2015;
  • Training on the International Humanitarian law, April 2014 by PHAP, Dakar, Senegal;
  • Peace building experience sharing with Ivorian CSOs and the Dialogue and Reconciliation Commission in Abidjan, July 2014;
  • Training on Humanitarian principles and Emergency response, May 2013, Mombasa Kenya;
  • Training on fund raising, by NGO School, Leo, Burkina Faso, July 2013; 
  • Result based management and reporting training, Nairobi, Kenya, June 2013
  • Meeting on local Governance in the Francophone countries, Saly, Sénégal, July 2013
  • Training on Sexual rights and reproductive health, Nairobi Mars 2011
  • Courses on gender and development, 2008- 2009 à l’IAPM , not completed due to Management issues;
  • Training of trainers on SPHERE and ACT ALLIANCE emergency response, Monrovia, Liberia; June 2012:
  • Training on gender based advocacy, by Monde selon les femmes, October 2008, Ouagadougou;
  • Workshop of good local governance, Koni, Niger, Mars 2009;
  • West African actors meeting on non formal education and setting up of the West African coalition for non formal education in Ouagadougou, October 2009, Burkina Faso; (Vice President of the coalition)
  • Education experts second meeting in Paris on Non Formal Education Good practices and Lessons learnt (OIF) April 2009, Paris, France.
  • Free and compulsory education workshop, Bamako, Mali organized by Association pour le Développement de l’Education en Afrique (ADEA), March 2008, Bamako, Mali;
  • UNESCO Workshop on the Gender Resources to meet the EFA goal, Paris, France, April 2004.




Proficient  in written and spoken French and English

Affiliation to organizations:

  • Member of the following associations: network of   Women leaders, Bangr Nooma for Community Development.
  • Vice President   of the CFOA-AENF (Coalition francophone Ouest Africaine pour l’Alphabétisation et l’Education non formelle)

We would like to thank Dr.AYO AYOOLA-AMALE, the IAEWP Vice President for West Africa for the identification and appointment of this high caliber professional and cream of the crop National Chancellors into IAEWP as we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of IAEWP in 1967 at Huntsville, Alabama, USA.

Thank you for the opportunity to put this information on record.

Steve Varatharajan
Deputy Secretary General
IAEWP ( NGO ECOSOC - United Nations )