Saturday, October 6, 2018

For the Day of Peace: The US and the Current World Agenda

For the Day of Peace: The US and the Current World Agenda, and How to Obtain Lasting Peace

Dear Leo and Friends,
As we have agreed, to compare Trump to Hitler is stupid, but I insist that it is also wrong to compare the US to a fascist state. In both cases this is merely an ugly anti-American propaganda and has noting to do with reality. Can we really compare today’s democracy in USA to the fascists regimes of Mussolini in Italy or of Hitler in Nazi Germany? There is no dictatorship in the US, but democratic elections every four years (even if they are manipulated by money and powerful interest groups). There is no state control of economy, but liberal market, regulated by the government only to some degree.There is no violent suppression of opposition, but a substantial degree of political freedom. What about militarism? If we agree that today the US is a militaristic state, we need to understand the reasons –  the current world agenda.

There are two main issues in the Current World Agenda.

1. Security for Israel
2. World Government and global domination.
In both cases, the US plays a key role.

First, the security for Israel has in the last twenty years lead to wars and violent changes in Iraq, Libya and Syria. Iran is the next country to be affected. In all these countries, leaders have openly expressed their hostility against Israel and this is why all of them have been published (Iran is still waiting). The US, the key ally of Israel, has actively supported these violent changes. It has invaded and occupied Iraq, supported the violent removal of Kaddafi in Lybia and civil war in Syria. The goal is to destroy or weaken all Israel enemies. But the world opinion is given a different explanation of the American involvement. The rhetoric of democracy and human rights is being used to justify violence. It is a brilliant tactic.

Second, because of some very powerful supranational interest groups, the long-term global strategy is to remove all independent nations and to establish a global dominance in the form of a world government. Again, the US plays a key role here. As have been pointed by many scholars, if the European Union is often seen as a model for the future world state, the United States is an instrument, world transformer, to make this transition.

Hence, in order to implement (1) and (2) the US has to key world power. A weak US would not be able to support Israel and it would not be able to serve as a world transformer. This explains why the US maintains such large defense budget and why it tries to resist its potential competitors, China and Russia, and why it conducts such aggressive foreign policy in the Middle East. The greatest danger for all of us is that to maintain its imperial position in the world, the US decides (like some falling empires before) to go to war against its competitors China or Russia. This could be a disaster for humanity. But before this, we should rather expect local conflicts, whose goal would be to weaken China or Russia. That these conflicts would be costly in term of human lives is not a concern of those who shape the world agenda.
How to obtain peace.
First, people in the world should understand what is really going in the world. In short, it is to maintain the US world superiority at all costs because it serves the security for Israel and is an instrument for global domination.
Second, we should all understand that the world will not be better if the world leadership will go from the US to China or to Russia or to any other powerful state. Power corrupts. All-powerful China will not be morally better than today’s US. It will similarly dominate other countries and justify this by some ideological rhetoric, as it justifies its domination over Tibet. To obtain lasting peace is not enough to change one world leader into another one in the current human condition.
Third and the most important, to obtain lasting peace we need to change our human condition. We as human beings need to transform ourselves. We need to understand who are we. We need to rediscover what is human in ourselves and on this rediscovery base our policies.We are not merely bodies, but also souls. We have the capacity of self-transformation. As we develop intellectually by science and learning, we can also develop morally. Our human transformation, future human evolution, and not power struggle or any futile project like world government, should become the main human goal. The world agenda should be moral and intellectual perfection of humankind.
Once human beings globally understand that the goal of human life is to develop morally and intellectually, and eventually at the highest level of development acquire divine consciousness – understanding and goodness – then domination of others will no longer play any significant role. Is this possible? Our human nature: our capacity to create culture, and to acquire knowledge and virtues gives us such possibility.
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W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz, D.Phil. (Oxon)
Professor, Lazarski University, Warsaw