Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The PROJECT 100 Years of Peace (1918-2018)

                                   Ideas, Actions and Lives to Build Up Peace
In the twentieth century the violence of the two World Wars, of genocides and mass destructions was manifested, but also the novelty of nonviolence as a political doctrine, which was translated into new modes of struggle and liberation.

For years here at the Centro Studi Sereno Regis we have felt the need for a new narration: human history, which from elementary school to university is told as a series of wars, has actually flourished and been built in times of peace too; civil progress, social and environmental achievements, rights, constitutions, are the result of the slow and tenacious cooperation between people, not the result of violent conflicts.

This project invites to look at history in a different way. It tells a History not yet told and offers new horizons. The images, the documents, the testimonies collected here allow to learn, deepen, explore new perspectives, and to collaborate, with aim of building together a present and a future rooted in nonviolence.