IAEWP is a non bureaucratic decentralised institution that had not charged 'MEMBERSHIP DUES' from its 100 plus National Chancelleries since its inception in 1967. The IAEWP does NOT have private central fundings and it is NOT supported by any other similar institutions. 

IAEWP encourages ALL National Chancellors to design, develop and deliver innovative programs in their own countries for purposes of self sufficiency. IAEWP is NOT a charity organization. Today many countries are facing huge unemployment misadventures, humanitarian crisis and  widespread social-political challenges in an unprecedented wave on a global scale. There isn't enough on the charity plate for all demands and dictations. Even the United Nations itself is facing a cash flow challenge.  

Since 2017, we have deactivated about 80 national chancelleries due to inactivity since most National Chancellors have aged with the onset of  personal health challenges, financial issues related to post retirement and fatigue due to old age.

In an effort to rejuvenate the 50 year old IAEWP, we are inviting the young breed of National Chancellors who are IT savvy to charter the new frontiers of the human evolution in collaboration with OTHER NGOs via a consolidated PEACE AWARENESS programs through Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

There are many philanthropic organization that could be approached. Here is just a thought provocation:

The following website promises a FREE ebook on grant seeking ideas:

Please surf the internet to identify donor organizations that you may be attuned to approach for your funding needs. We wish you the best.