IAEWP Chronological Highlights as a Global Peacemaker

1967 - Dr. Charles Mercieca, professor of philosophy and political science in Huntsville, Alabama, discusses in several Latin American Universities ways to bring unity between the people of North and South America.

1968 - Dr. Charles Mercieca embarks on a world-wide lecturing tour across every continent to explore the teachers' interest in the promotion of the international understanding and world peace through education.

1969 - A conference for world educators takes place in Huntsville, Alabama which is followed by the official establishment of the International Association of Educators for World Peace which becomes incorporated by the State of Alabama shortly afterwards.

1970 - A Founding Session takes place in Oslo, Norway, where the organization's charter and bi-laws are ratified. The same year the US Department of Treasury rules that the International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP) "is tax exempt for Federal income Tax under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code."

1971 - A European convention takes place in London, England and specifies that the major goals of IAEWP may be summarized as follows: 1) promotion of international understanding and world peace through education; 2) protection of the environment from any form of pollution; 3) safeguard of human rights; 4) diffusion of world-wide disarmament; 5) development of human resources merely for positive and constructive purposes.

1972 - Continental Conventions take place in Chicago for North and South America, in Odense for European countries, and in Bangkok for Asian nations, the proceedings of which were printed in book-form and widely circulated.

1973 - A General Chapter meeting takes place in Huntsville, Alabama in preparation for the IAEWP First World Congress the following year on the topic: Peace Education Studies.

1974 - The IAEWP First World Congress takes place in Bucharest, Romania which is attended by over 800 participants from around the world.

1975 - A Continental Convention for the African nations takes place in Iperu Remo, Nigeria to discuss the various problems facing Africa with a focus on world hunger and housing facilities.

1976 - A Second Continental Convention for the continent of Asia takes place in Sendai, Japan the proceedings of which were printed. The focus is made on Education of Minorities.

1977 - The Association, in conjunction with NASA officials, celebrates in Huntsville, Alabama the US the twentieth anniversary in peace space venture through a national convention.

1978 - The IAEWP Second World Congress takes place in Varanasi, India which brings over 500 participants from various continents.

1979 - The Association participates in an international conference on World Government in Colombo, Sri Lanka to explore ways of bringing about a permanent peace in the world.

1980 - A Continental Convention for Latin American nations took place in Bogota, Colombia. During this same year the Association participates in a UN conference in Caracas, Venezuela on Crime Prevention Strategies.

1981 - A Continental Convention takes place in Accra, Ghana for the African nations, which is attended mostly by western African countries to help solve the problem of World Hunger.

1982 - The IAEWP Third World Congress takes place in Washington DC which sets up Peace Education Programs for insertion in school curricula at both the elementary and secondary level on both the national and international scale.

1983 - A Continental Convention takes place in Odense, Denmark the proceedings of which are published and widely distributed in selected universities of various continents. The focus is made on Varieties of Peace Education.

1984 - A National Conference is organized in India which brings educators together from al Indian States. The focus is made on Adequate Nourishment and Mental Health.

1985 - A General Chapter meeting takes place in Huntsville, Alabama to prepare for the IAEWP Fourth World Congress the following year.

1986 - The IAEWP Fourth World Congress takes place in Innsbruck, Austria with several participants coming from Eastern European countries. The future collapse of the communist system is foreseen coming through peaceful means.

1987 - National Conventions take place in several countries like Nigeria, India, Romania, and the United States. The UN Secretary General, on behalf of the UN General assembly designates the International Association of Educators for World Peace as Peace Messenger of the World.

1988 -The concept of Peace Education Pilot Schools Project, which initiated successfully in Romania in the early seventies, is promoted by IAEWP members in several countries.

1989 - Several Chinese in the People's Republic of China become interested in the Association and search for ways to promote prosperity in China through democratic means. Discussions are held, in this regard, in Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Beijing.

1990 - The IAEWP Fifth World Congress takes place in Seoul, Korea in conjunction with the World Fellowship of Buddhists' conference. A delegation is sent to Panama, El Salvador and Guatemala to explore implementing the peace education pilot schools project there.

1991 - High officials of the government in El Salvador discuss with IAEWP officials the implementation of the Peace Education Pilot Schools Project in Central America.

1992 - The IAEWP Sixth World Congress takes place in Malta, the country where US President George H.W. Bush and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev discussed disarmament and peace.

1993 - Dr. Charles Mercieca, Executive Vice President, spends six months in Russia to implement the Peace Education Pilot Schools Project in the foreseeable future.

1994 - IAEWP Seventh World Congress takes place in St. Petersburg, to help bring about needed educational reforms in an effort to create a twenty first century peaceful society.

1995 - Several national conventions take place in various countries following the example of India to improve and promote peace education projects and programs everywhere.

1996 - IAEWP Eight World Congress takes place in Split, Croatia to set groundwork for a twenty first century society that may be characterized by peace, prosperity and stability.

1997 - IAEWP Eurasian Peace Conference takes place in Turkey to enable institutions of learning at every level of education to use such institutions as instruments to world peace.

1998 - IAEWP Ninth World Congress takes place in Sao Paulo, Brazil to provide guidelines to the United Nations for the successful implementation of the United Nations peaceful objectives on a global scale.

1999 – A National Convention takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which brought several participants from overseas for purpose of celebrating together the transition from the 20th to the 21st century.

2000 – IAEWP Tenth World Congress takes place in London, United Kingdom, which brought several organizations together including the Women’s Organization of Germany. The topic was centered on using schools for purpose of promoting peace around the world.

2001 – IAEWP Eleventh World Congress takes place in Verbania, Italy on the Lago Maggiore, which discussed the importance of spirituality in the human life. Participants represented of the all the major continents.

2002 – IAEWP Twelfth World Congress takes place in Taipei, Taiwan in conjunction with the Association of World Citizens to explore mutual cooperation at all levels of society as to create a more stable world community.

2003 – IAEWP Thirteenth World Congress takes place in Angeles, Philippines which was attended by many university professors to discuss their mission in creating global harmony for future generations.

2004 – IAEWP Fourteenth World Congress takes place in Maputo, Mozambique which discussed the various problems of Africa and the importance for all the nations there to spend their money merely on the vital needs of the people.

2005 – IAEWP Fifteenth World Congress takes place in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, which was attended mostly by Africans to explore the feasibility of peace education programs in the schools of Africa.

2006 – IAEWP Sixteenth World Congress takes place in Gandhinagar, India which centered on world peace through education, which was attended by several lawyers and law enforcement agents in addition to a few judges.

2007 – IAEWP Seventeenth World Congress takes place in Bangalore, India, which was participated by a small group of intellectuals who discussed the importance of Business Ethics in the promotion of global harmony and peace.

2008 – IAEWP Eighteenth World Congress takes place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in conjunction with the International Federation of Martial Arts Grandmaster for World Peace ( IFMAG ), the brainchild of Steve Varatharajan,  IAEWP Director General to Malaysia. Participant from  over 70 countries attended the  3 day event.

2009 – National conferences took place in India, Nepal, France and a few other countries where the main objectives of IAEWP were discussed for purpose of more effective implementation.

2010 Peace Arts Exhibitions under the auspices of IAEWP take place in Seoul, S. Korea, attended by peace aspirants interest in the promotion of world peace through arts. The nineteenth world peace congress was cancelled due to threats of SARS virus epidemic.

2011IAEWP Peace Progress Journal is published  by the Office of the Vice President for Global Affairs & Strategy, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  and circulated free of charge to  heads of  governments, foreign embassies, the UN Agencies and NGOs in 193 countries under the UN membership charter.

2011 - IAEWP -Project Ziarah Peace Carnival was held in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia with the Malaysian Chief of Armed Forces , General  Zulkifli Bin Mohd Zin and Buddhist High Priest of Malaysia, Venerable Sri Dhammaratana  as the luminaries. Over three day, an estimated 100,000 people took part in the festivities with 126 celebrities and VIPs across the political divide.

2011 - IAEWP's visit to Nobel Peace Institute, Oslo, NorwayVice President for Global Affairs & Strategy lead the Malaysian Team Ziarah for Peace to have an audience with Dr.Geir Lundestad, Executive Director and Secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee in Oslo, Norway.

2012Project Ziarah for Peace becomes the new millennium peace project endorsed by IAEWP to be implemented on a world-wide scale as a practical tool to enable all peace aspirants to become more fully and actively engaged as  global peace makers.

On a global scale, IAEWP looks forward to Dr. Charles Mercieca continued leadership and blessings at IAEWP in chartering  newer framework for the art of peaceful living that would make peace real in our personal lives.

The broadband expressway to peace is through education. Welcome to the future, our future. Let us continue celebrating peace in 2013 and beyond with vigour, enchantment and wisdom for the better future of our world.

2012 - The IAEWP South Asian Chapter organizes the South Asian Peace Conference at New Delhi in association with the Indira Gandhi Technological and Medical Sciences University, Arunachal Pradesh (India) with the theme “Peace Psychology”.

 2013Project  Peace by Ziarah in Malaysia with IAEWP collaboration was launched where a team was sent to meet up celebrities and VIPs to promote peace awareness programs in Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia.

2013 - The IAEWP South Asian Chapter circulates the Kathmandu Declaration based on the Resolutions taken in the South Asian Conference on Peace Science held at Kathmandu in association with Lama Gangchen International Foundation, New Delhi., India.

2014 - The IAEWP South Asian Chapter organized the South Asian Spiritual and Value Education Meet at New Delhi in association with the Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment (IIEE), New Delhi by inviting Ambassadors and High Commissioners of different countries posted at New Delhi.

2014- The Third African Alliance for Peace Summit was held in Kigali, Rwanda from 16h-19h February 2014 by Jean de Dieu Basabose,  the IAEWP National Chancellor of Rwanda, Africa

2016 - The 19th IAEWP World Peace Congress was held in India from the 24th-26th October 2016 at Nasik, India.

2017 - The Sustainable Peace Culture Journey in China from Aug 8 to Aug 18  , 2017 has been successfully concluded.  IAEWP named a new Peace Ambassador and held a  meeting with the IAEWP National Chancellor for China on spearheading IAEWP activities in China. The event was attended by Dr. Charles Mercieca, President of IAEWP, USA and Ms. Lana Yang, IAEWP Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York City, USA.

On  October 20, 2017 the IAEWP appointed a well respected lawyer and peace activist in Nigeria, Dr. Ayo Ayoola-Amale, MCIArb to the position of Senior Vice President for IAEWP Continental Africa to spearhead IAEWP activities in Africa. She was earlier last year appointed as the Regional Chairperson for Africa of the Diplomatic Commission of IAEWP.

2018 - The IAEWP National Chancellor of Tanzania is rolling out plans to establish a INTERNATIONAL PEACE  & RESEARCH UNIVERSITY in Tanzania and a World Peace Conference.-2018 . Tentatively scheduled between :19th to 24th October 2018 in Mwanza, Tanzania, Africa

2018 -New initiatives are put in place to appoint IAEWP World Peace Ambassadors in all operating countries in line with the IAEWP Rejuvenation Program in celebration of its 50th anniversary.

2018 -New initiatives by IAEWP Nigeria:  Setting up of "IAEWP Schools Peace Education Programme", targeting primary and secondary schools. The idea is to educate the children early to appreciate peace and what it takes to achieve it in their homes, communities and the nation. This will involve lectures, donation of IAEWP branded notebooks to the children and possibly organizing debates and quiz competitions.  Air Commander ( Rrd ) Darlington Abdullahi Ph.D. IAEWP National Chancellor & National Secretary , Alumni Association of the National Defence College (AANDEC), Nigeria.

2019 The IAEWP National Chancellor of Malaysia and the IAEWP Executive Vice President 2 are organizing the 20th IAEWP WPC in Malaysia; launching of "Drink for Peace" mineral water; launching of Preschool Peace Learning in privately funded Islamic preschools and the International Walk of Peace in celebration of the UN International Day of Peace.