Organizing a Peace Congress guide

Here is a little wallet guide for National Chancellors to peruse ;that will help them set the sails right when they are considering the options to organise a National or State  Convention in their jurisdiction.

Earlier this year the following email was sent out to one of your enterprising National Chancellor in  an African country:-

Dear Reverend,

I take this moment to congratulate you on you efforts to plant the seed of peace through IAEWP in your state.

Here is what you may consider when you map out the processes and milestones to organise the great event on the blessed soil of ___________.

The crucifying pain of any event organizing is the funds and its fund management. Until you get the funds, work on a ZERO BUDGET, meaning doing much with what little you have.

a. Write to the most active NGOs, Senators, Member of Parliament in your area and announce the event; United Republic of ___________- to host the PEACE CONVENTION 2017 . Invite them to sit in a STEERING COMMITTEE.

b. Write to ALL the religious leaders, HEADS of Colleges and Schools in the community in your area and announce the event;  Invite them to sit in a STEERING COMMITTEE. In the same breath you may request them to provide a FREE Venue for the Convention. The Venue Provider can be a Co-Host of the Convention.

c. The steering committee should consist of not more than 12 persons, but you may expand it till you are able to manage.

This steering committee would decide on the design, development and delivery of the congress or conventiom.

d. Since this is going to be a major event in your experience, you may look at these and similar articles for easier conceptualization. KEEP EVERYTHING SMALL AND IN MANAGEABLE SIZE. You may write to local website developer companies to give you support by designing a website for your free of charge as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Here are some websites for you to get your creative insights. But keep yours simple.

e. The steering committee would decide on the theme, venue and budget in the first meeting. You can also set up sub-committees on who is going to do what. The steering committee should meet 2-4 time a month for review of progress reports by sub committee.

f. Your tool of communication is the internet. So do a simple website of the event. I get things done on ZERO BUDGET with the following easy to design website or blog providers.
and ( Choose the free option or the basic option. )

Of course, you may choose others to match your skills and personality.

f. Then write to the press and media in your area and call for a  PRESS CONFERENCE  to announce the event. It is very important that you involve the press and perhaps you can use the press cuttings in your fund raising campaigns.

Once this is done, the steering committee should get back to look at the nature of issues confronting the successful execution of objectives, targets and goals laid out by the steering committees.

Here is everything you need to know in a cup of coffee: the bible of organizing a conference.

g. You may also do a google search on "How to manage fund raising for a charity event?" etc Here are some leads and thought activators :-

h. In the event you have big sponsors, the site below will make everybody happy:-

i. You may find an event budget work book here

Note : Some of the recommended websites may become dysfunctional over time or rewritten to sell their new product.