Peace CSR

The Office of the Deputy Secretary General in Malaysia is actively engaging corporate companies to be involved in PEACE Through Corporate Social Responsibility. 

We encourage all National Chancellors to register the IAEWP National Chancellery as a Tax Exempt Organization in their respective countries. With a Tax Exempt Status, business organization in their country may be in a position to make financial contributions to IAEWP National Chancellery and gain some tax exemption from the Inland Revenue Service or Tax Department.

The menu below shows how  a National Chancellor may organize IAEWP activities in their respective country:-

How you can contribute to make this home planet a better place:

Being alive is the most precious thing in the world. To be alive in a turbulent world has put humanity at unprecedented risk. Everyday some one is in need of assistance and we continually see people sacrificing their comforts to help and serve humanity.

God has chosen you as IAEWP Peace Ambassadors to serve his creation. Peace work has never been easy or simple. Securing financial supports is an herculean task.

While many in your community might just be theorising and talking about peace, it is YOU who have gone to difficult terrains and rough roads to show that there is still hope. 

You have taken  the path of action  as a messiah of peace and harmony in your locality! Let your work be your autobiography.

a. Choose a course for Strategic Action Plan:

Choose from one of the following areas to focus you time ,energy, team efforts and resources:-

The New Millennium Objectives of  IAEWP ( NGO ECOSOC-UN )
   2017  & Beyond

1. To Promote World Peace Through Education.
2. To Support Environmental Protection and  Ecological Sustainability.
3. Safeguarding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights & Human Dignity.
4. To Promote Nuclear Disarmament , Demilitarization & Prevention of Wars.
5. To Promote Conflict Management & Resolution Through  Negotiation .
6. To Promote Social Cohesion Through Interfaith Harmony.

b. Design your own plans  for action and successful  management planning:

Once you have decided on one of the above IAEWP New Millennium Objectives, then design a plan of action like how you would design the blueprints to build a house or a lasting happy marriage. The following site might be helpful :

Here is another site to guide you :

c. Make a  blog-site to present your legacy to your community and potential supporters.

Once you have your  strategic action plan, create a  free blog site through a free google email account. You may choose any blogsite of your choice. Create a  free website on to present your identity in the social media. Again, you may choose any website provider. You need all the visibility on all fronts.

We are impressed with these peace workers and you may emulate some of their action plans adapted  symbiotically to yours, made applicable in your local community :-

The Office of the  IAEWP Deputy Secretary General has the following membership level to invite sponsorship from corporate donors to be a partner with IAEWP Malaysia in the Peace Through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSRagenda. 

The entry and  ANNUAL enrolment fee is to help organize World Peace Conferences in Malaysia. All membership are renewable annually.

Platinum Sponsor  are branded as IAEWP CSR PATRON OF PEACE

Gold  Sponsor   are branded as IAEWP CSR DIPLOMAT OF PEACE

Silver  Sponsor   are branded as IAEWP CSR  PARTNER OF PEACE

Every National  Chancellor just has to be creative to secure sponsorship in their respective country. There is no easy formula or a halo capsule to swallow. Peace is everyone's responsibility. Convince every business to be involved with your IAEWP National Chancellery.