Peace Products

For IAEWP to carry out peace awareness program such as organising peace conventions, publications of peace journals and holding strategic peace discussions for Corporate Social Responsibility events management, much funds are needed for self sustainability and operating expenses. Currently almost all expenses are met from the personal thin wallet of the officials. This has to change.

In the last 10 years since 2008, Malaysian IAEWP headed by the Deputy Secretary General of IAEWP had not been able to make any significant move forward toward securing  volunteer fundings for holding peace conventions or publications of peace journals.

In line with our aspirations to generate funds for self sustainability and operating expenses , the Office of the Deputy Secretary General is currently engaging in E-Commerce to promote consumer and personal care products such as

Peace Toiletries : Website to be Announced
Mineral Water for Peace : Website to be Announced
Stress Freedom Accessories : Website to be Announced.

As more and more of the IAEWP key officials are beginning to engage in E-Commerce activities to support IAEWP's global awareness programs, their products would be enlisted on this site for ACKNOWLEDGEMENT PURPOSES ONLY and NOT for authentication or verification.


While IAEWP welcomes contributions from peace partners engaged in legal, ethical and peaceful businesses, NEVERTHELESS, as an international institution, IAEWP is not in a position to endorse, authenticate, approve or disapprove any products marketed by its partner contributors.

Any products listed here are ONLY being acknowledge as that belonging to our partner organizations because in the past fraudsters were claiming IAEWP has endorsed their products. IAEWP had NEVER endorsed any products and has NO plans for such engagements in the near future.