Public Notice

The IAEWP has been a very transparent organization that has stood the test of time over half a century. It celebrates the 50th anniversary in 2017.

In the last 50 years, IAEWP practiced simple core values, amongst other things such as :

a. Absolutely NO termination of its member for any reason whatsoever .
b. Any acts deemed defamatory, inflammatory and or a blasphemous mock communion in
     the membership can and should be forgiven in good faith and without prejudice.
c. Membership and resignations are a voluntary  free will option, practised across the world.
d. There is perpetual amnesty and pardon as a all season climate in the organization.
e.  Zero bureaucracy and Zero politics.
f. Absolute  autonomy for every national chancellery to perform without layers of approval seeking bureaucracy from the Head Quarters. 

The IAEWP has not been spared from the evil intentions of some of its members who wanted to push others members into impenetrable obscurity. In 2014 and of recent, two individual members acting in connivance had set up a illegal predatory  "New Executive Board" that would have powers - unceremoniously, undemocratically with thuggery and unconstitutionally to  :-

i )    Push the  Founding President of IAEWP Dr. Charles Mercieca into semi retirement and obscurity ; he is not allowed to make any decision without being  first "approved" by the "fictitious Executive Board"'

ii )   Immediately removed the Executive Vice President ( Dr. Surya Nath Prasad ) despite him having tirelessly contributed 40 years of his life to IAEWP  without any valid reason; the current EVP was once the President and Secretary General of IAEWP for many years in the past and yet he was unceremoniously castrated and sacked from the board;

iii )   Remove and terminate the  current Secretary General ( Mr. Nenad Javornik ) from office without a valid reason ;

iv )   Impose global  iron fisted bureaucracy on all national charters, worldwide where nothing ever gets done without the fake "New Executive Board's" approvals, spearheaded by the predatory fictitious  self elected "new secretary general".

v )    Create its own succession plan based on nepotism and possibly cronyism where upon the death of the founding president, this predatory fictitious secretary general would self elect himself as the president.

The IAEWP President wanted status quo on hindsight and reiterated that any change in the Executive Board can ONLY be instituted at the annexed meeting of the IAEWP World Peace Congress; which is the constitutionally right thing to do. 

The next WPC was scheduled in India in October 2016 by the Executive Vice President. 

Ironically, it was  this gentleman, the " New Executive Board " wanted to character assassinate and terminate. 

Knowing fully well that the agenda of the revolting members had run aground and now in a quandary; they started writing nefarious emails criticizing the leadership and demanded a metamorphosis to take shape in their favour. 

Despite their failed attempt, they have still not given up. They still remain as esteemed members of the IAEWP and continue to enjoy total  immunity in accordance with the norms of the organization. 

The IAEWP leadership allows this democratic predatory acts as a natural occurrence that establishes symbiosis within the rank and file of  its membership. 

In the true act of  constitutional correctness, peace and friendship, the IAEWP leadership has extended its hands of comradeship and succor to these revolting individuals to work harmoniously with others for the common good of the organization. They refused and continue to act as corporate gangsters and saboteurs.

While all acts of predatory behaviors of the revolting members are  pardoned and forgiven; nevertheless only the elected officials at Executive Office of the President ( ) would be allowed to act on behalf of the IAEWP in their respective  individual portfolios. 

Needless to say, there is NO new Executive Board in existence. This is our most humble cease and desist public notice to these educated revolting individuals. The IAEWP leadership shall not name and shame these revolting members.

All new appointments are nominated by the Secretary and Deputy Secretary General and confirmed by the President in accordance with the constitution.

We look forward to serving another 50 years of glorious service to planet earth and humanity with passion and compassion.

There is an ancient proverb that says : "When a man walks in the dark forest with a tiny lantern in his hand, that lantern lights up his journey, one step at a time. Soon he is able to transverse the entire forest; walking in the dark and not in darkness."

Let us make IAEWP our lantern to light up our journey in this lifetime; particularly during these very challenging and turbulent times.  There is NO time for trial and NO time for Error. 

Love all, help all and serve all. We ask for forgiveness if we had unintentionally hurt the feelings of any members through this public notice.  It is mandatory for this public notice to go out as you will realise its noble reason by the end of this notice.

This is a true reflection of the transparency practised in the organization ; there is NO sweeping of issues under the carpet just to deceive  the public into thinking that all is well and pristine within the organization. Every organization has its good, bad and ugly characters that rears its  negative characters in motion, we have not been immune. Nevertheless we have found the virus in our system.

There was never a crisis in IAEWP to begin with. This self appointed predatory "fictitious secretary general" created an illusion that a massive turbulence in the form of a  leadership crisis is taking place in IAEWP and he was presenting himself as the saviour using dictatorial thuggery by sending out nefarious emails and insults  criticizing the organization because the president just chose to ignore his demand to grab powers in IAEWP. This male, well educated self elected predatory "fictitious secretary general " has coerced some with emotional jaggery and coaxed others to support his "mission as a saviour " of the organization.

In conclusion, the self appointed predatory "fictitious secretary general" is a "no-body" neither needed or wanted and he feels the unimaginable hurt with his insatiable power-grabbing ego , slowing poisoning him into a debased human, a corporate suicide bomber.

Should you receive any communications from a male person claiming to be the"Secretary General" of the "New Executive Board", kindly ignore that piece of communication because that would be the self appointed predator laying a trap for the innocent , ignorant victim.

The rightfully appointed Secretary General of IAEWP is Mr. Nenad  Jarvonik of Croatia and the Deputy Secretary General is Mr.Steve Varatharajan of Malaysia. The Executive Vice President of IAEWP is Mr. Surya Nath Prasad PhD of India.

The next phase of this predatory self appointed " fictitious secretary general" action has been to send out self sabotaging emails peppered with self incriminatory anger, psychotic defamation  with a self  pitiful expression of sorrow, crystallizing his squalid consciousness. 

Mark our words that this "sinless character " will continue to do damage to the organization on a global scale, that is the indelible true personality behind his  well educated "learned" man's mask.

Just ignore him. We have no plans to name and shame him, when he, himself is doing a remarkable job in exposing his true character with his ill intentioned  emails and conference calls. At least now you know that a mad man in on the prowl.

The leadership of IAEWP has just IGNORED him and continue to work on herculean tasks ahead of all of us.

We forgive him for he knows not, what he is doing.

Peace. Amen. Aum. Amin. Uh-main. 

Final Note: This Public Notice would remain posted until the predatory subversive hijackers have given up with a written commitment that their pseudo New Executive Board has been dismantled. No apology needed.